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15 Nature-Inspired Home Office Ideas for a Stress-Free Work Space

Nature does us a lot of good, and when it comes to working in a home office, even the smallest nature-inspired details have been proven to help relieve stress, calm the mind, and provide a range of other mental benefits. Even when there’s no window in sight and you have nothing but a small corner to work with, you can still take inspiration from nature to incorporate into your decor.

By the Window

Count yourself lucky if you have a home office with a great view or even a convenient corner for a desk next to a window. The natural light will already provide you with enough outdoor inspiration, but you can take it a step further by adding a plant or two here and there — like these examples from Mundadda and Design Sponge.

Small desk near a bright window with touches of greenery
Small desk near a bright window with lots of surrounding plants

Shelves Like Trees

You can’t exactly grow the tall types of trees you see out in your yard or along your street, but you can create a similar effect with these funky-looking shelves — especially when you add a few potted plants to it. Ideas taken from Residence Style and Old Brand New show you how it’s done.

Office space with unique shelves that almost mimic trees
Shelves that look like trees when you dress them up with plants

You could even use regular shelves installed above a desk by adding some plants to it, like this home office idea from The Glitter Guide.

Bright home office with touches of green plants

Nature-Inspired Wall Art

Even with a window and some plants around, you might still end up staring at a blank wall in your home office. To solve that problem, go for beautiful wall art pieces that feature scenes of nature, trees, flowers, and wildlife. NightLife, Frenchy Fancy, and Decor8 Blog show some great examples.

Office space with several plants and plant-inspired wall art
Beautiful nature-inspired wall art above a bright green gardening desk
Nature-inspired painting hung above a desk in a greenhouse

Want to get a little more funky with your nature-inspired wall art? Take a look at these great tree trunk-like pieces from We Are Scout or this interesting vertical garden idea on a bulletin board from Karine Candice Kong.

Beautiful plant-inspired wall art pieces in home office
Vertical garden in place of a regular bulletin board

Rustic Wood Desks

Another easy way to bring more of the outdoors into your work space is by choosing a desk made of real wood. In fact, the more rustic it looks, the better! Add a potted plant or two, and you’re good to go. Here are three ideas from The Ultra Linux, My Domaine, and PopSugar.

Bright office space with wood desk and touches of greenery
Rustic wood desk in a bright office space
Eclectic office space with wood furniture and touches of greenery

Large Desk Plants

When in doubt, a few large desk plants can really make a big statement. In fact, they might just be all that you really need. Here’s a good example from Facsilisimo that really keeps it simple.

Large plants take up most of the room on this office desk

Green Walls

If your home office is due for some new paint, why not go for green? It’s a very calming color that will certainly emphasize that nature-inspired look. Here’s a beautiful shade featured in a small corner office space on Sanity Fair.

Small but serene office in a corner with a green wall

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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