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Multi-Tiered Home Renovation in North London Creates Light and Airy Interior

An aging home with poor ventilation and an even poorer floor plan that is just not suited for modern lifestyle is the story of most classic residences in cities like Melbourne and London. The Tier House in North London is no different as its old interior just did not work anymore for its young homeowners. This is where Amos Goldreich Architecture stepped in as they turned this seemingly modest multi-level Victorian house into a minimal, modern home that is filled with ample natural light. This was accomplished using a new floor plan that brought the kitchen to the ground floor and connected it to the backyard.

Gorgeous new extension and renovation of London home sees modern minimal aesthetics take over

A series of skylights, windows and large, carefully placed doors opened up the aging house to the world outside This brought in natural light and a new open-tread timber staircase makes sure that this light reaches even the lowest level of the house. With old windows being replaced by double-glazed aluminum windows and skylights adding to the presence of the many sconce and pendant lights, you cannot find any dullness or dark corners in the transformed London home. A makeover that combines a neutral color palette and minimal aesthetics with space-savvy design. [Photography: Rory Gardiner]

New kitchen on the lower floor with large window that connects it to the outdoors
Skylight and sconce lights illuminate the white and wood kitchen on the lower level elegantly
Open shelves in the corner create an eye-catching display in the modern white kitchen
Skylight, windows and sconce lights illuminate the upper level home office
Using skylights throughout the house to create a spacious and light-filled interior inside classic Victorian home
Window cut-outs with wooden frames also serve as lovely seats for the homeowners

Amos and his assistants were a real pleasure to work with, at every stage of a complicated project. We hired him to design and oversee a full back-to-brick refurbishment of a Victorian terraced house in North London, including a substantial kitchen extension. Once begun the works lasted around 10 months. The design was nicely conceived and closely matched what we’d been hoping for.

Beautiful modern sitting room on the upper level with gray couch and blue chair
Custom windows and large glass doors bring ample natural light into the dining area and kitchen
Open-tread timber staircase replaces the old stairway in the home
Home office and reading room on the upper level with natural light and flexible sconce light
Contemporary makeover of the multi-tiered Victorian home in North London is apparent even from a distance

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