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Multi-Generational Family House Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

An affordable and nature-centric family home in Quito, Ecuador, Retoños house provides a fabulous gathering and living space for a multi-generational family of sixteen! In a world where homes and families are becoming smaller and smaller, this ingenious house is a refreshing change of pace, both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. Designed by ESEcolectivo Arquitectos, it is OSB panels and cement boards that have been used extensively in shaping the overall silhouette of this relaxing residence, along with carefully placed glass windows. This exceptional blend of contrasting materials and an open design plan make this a one-of-a-kind suburban home!

Interior of the family home clad in OSB panels

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A two-story, vertical bar is the pivot around which the entire house is designed, with one side of it containing the living areas and the others holding the service spaces. Two gardens, one at the front and the other at the back, provide plenty of space for the family members to enjoy the tranquil outdoors, with the open living area acting as a bridge between the two. Internal partitions have been kept down to a minimum, with even the top level only holding a single master bedroom, along with an open sleeping space next to it.

OSB panels, wooden boards and glass windows give the home a uniqe style of its own

Minimal and modern staircase connects the various levels of the house

Open living area on the lower level offers unabated view of the rear garden even from the entrance

Upper level master bedroom and open sleeping quaiters with movable partitions

Central garden of the family house with a view of the outdoors

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Green rear garden of the family home in Quito, Ecuador

The idea behind the design of the house was to encourage greater interaction between the family members and to makes sure that nature once again becomes an important part of the family’s lifestyle. A large internal garden, seamless indoor-outdoor interplay and cost-effective home design manage to accomplish precisely that. [Photography: Lorena Darquea]

Large glass windows with metallic frame bring the outdoors inside

Cost-effective, multi-generational family home design

Multi-generational family home in Quito, Ecuador

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Simple cement panels with socket joints and glass windows shape the multi-generational home in Quito



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