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This Light-Filled Japanese Home is Built to Withstand Gusty Weather

Evolution of design and architecture is often accelerated by needs of specific landscapes and unique obstacles presented by local weather in different parts of the globe. Designed to withstand frequent typhoons that are all too common in the region, House in Sukumo has an innovative silhouette and a specially crafted courtyard that act like a ‘chimney’ for the passage of high speed winds. Located in Sukumo, Kochi Prefecture, Japan and conjured up by Container Design, it is this distinct feature that protects the home from on gusty days even while ensuring the ambiance inside is left undisturbed.

Front facade of the elegant modern family home in Japan

It is the lower floor of this family home that contains the living area, kitchen, dining and pantry along with a restroom and additional storage space. On the top floor one finds the bedrooms and bathrooms as the demarcation between public and private space is well-defined. The courtyard sits at the heart of the house and a ventilation duct on the second floor brings in light and natural breeze. While hitting the house is gently drawn into the courtyard, it is the slightly curved outward roof of the south side that directs the air outside. This also helps in cooling the house naturally on less boisterous days!

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Luxurious couch inside the Japanese house
Kitchen and dining area of the Japanese home with cedar ceiling
Fun kids’ play area with chalkboard wall
Light well brings ventilation into the Japanese home
Top level net acts as a fun safety precaution
Upper level hangout connected with the balcony

A neutral color palette is coupled with cedar and glass, giving the interior a modern and harmonious appeal. Another fun addition inside the home is the net above the courtyard on the second floor that brings an air of playful relation even while doubling as an essential safety feature. [Photography: Eiji Tomita]

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Cedar walls and glass windows of the smart workzone and dining area
Dining area and kitchen overlooking the courtyard
Shaded patio around the modern house
Unique design of the home is perfect for withstanding gusty winds
Clever design of the home provides a natural chimney for gusty winds

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