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Recyclable Materials Shape a Modern Office Inside Industrial Building in Barcelona

Clean drinking water is one of the most basic of all human necessities. Delivering this with a sustainable and planet-friendly process is the perfect way forward; an idea embraced and put into practice by Agua KMZERO in Barcelona. It is the renovation and revamp of this sustainable water brand’s office that we focus on today as its new interior combines pops of modernity with an industrial backdrop and eco-friendly architecture. Planned and executed to perfect by Estudio COA, the new office space combines contrasting elements ever so beautifully and does so without ever moving away from its central theme of sustainability.

Revamped Office interior of sustainable water company inside industrial building in Barcelona

A wood and white makeover is what you get in here with two custom boxes being inserted into the large outer shell of the office. With the office being nestled in an industrial building that was built in 1965, it is easy to understand the style choices in here. Original brick, wood and other surfaces of the building were exposed and preserved while quirky new details like the gorgeous green ceiling add brightness to the space. The two large boxes serve specific purpose with one containing management office and the other being used for staff meetings. This provides a clear delineation of space while the work areas are far more open and understated.

Original industrial elements of the interior have been preserved and enhanced inside the office space
Sustainable materials bring eco-friendly charm to the interior
Two distinct boxes inside the office building serve as meeting room and management space
Custom boxes in white and wood inside the industrial shell give the home a modern appeal

Using recyclable materials, this office in district of Poblenou, Barcelona feels very different from any other both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. Glass walls, LED tube lighting and indoor plants complete the captivating office transformation!

Green ceiling adds color and contrast to the neutral interior
Industrial elements inside the office make a big visual impact inside the office

With the intention that the atmosphere of their offices took part of their own identity the goal was to represent their values in the interior design project. On the one hand, we sought to work with recyclable materials (ecology), on the other hand, we took advantage of all the elements of the original industrial architecture…

Modern industrial office with green ceiling and white decor

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