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Modern Industrial Apartment in White and Gray with a Space-Savvy Makeover

That first apartment you move into after gaining independence in your life is one that is truly special. It is a feeling that is unmatched by any other subsequent home – no matter how grand it is. Flamengo Apartment in Brazil designed by Nop Arquitetura is one such space which was revamped and rejuvenated to meet the needs of its new owner in his 30’s. With a new floor plan that finds space for an additional bathroom and a larger master suite, the apartment manages to succinctly combine space-savvy design with a backdrop in gray and white as well as a charming modern-industrial style.

Contemporary ease is combined with industrial touches inside the smart apartment makeover
Contemporary ease is combined with industrial touches inside the smart apartment makeover

Flooring in wood that ushers in chevron pattern, backdrop in polished gray and white, dark-framed doors in glass that offer an industrial edge, metallic shelves in the living room, boiseries on the wall, woody porcelain tiles and a white ceiling ensure that there is an amalgamation of contrasting textures and finishes in here. Add a hint of indoor greenery to the mix and you have a relaxing modern home. With curated contemporary décor, smart organization of the kitchen and areas next to it, natural ventilation and a more strategic floor plan, this Brazilian apartment gets a fresh new lease of life! [Photography: MCA Estúdio]

Space-savvy and stylish living area with greenery, industrial shelves and walls of gray
Unique apartment walls were inspired by the previous family house of the young homeowner
Wooden flooring coupled with gray and white touches in the small modern bathroom
Custom cabinets in the bedroom add another space-saving feature to the interior
Dark-framed sliding glass doors separate the living area from the kitchen
Finding space for the laundry unit inside the kitchen

Originally, the property had a suite and a social bathroom, which served the living room and the second bedroom. The architects managed, with adjustments to the plan, to transform the little-used service bathroom into a toilet, and to convert the social bathroom into a suite. With that, after the renovation, the apartment now has two suites, in addition to the toilet, which now serves the social area.

Modern, space-savvy revamp of Flamengo Apartment by Nop Arquitetura in Brazil
Renovated bedroom with bathroom that has a relaxing modern vibe
Several different textures are carefully combined inside the revamped Brazillian apartment
Small modern kitchen in gray and white with wooden floor
Sliding and folding doors in glass with dark frame accentuate the industrial appeal of the home
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