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Ease of Access and Practicality Define this House for Simple Stay

As we grow older, our priorities and necessities change. It is only natural then that what we expect out of a house also changes with age. When we are young, we have more energy, resources and time to maintain and improve our homes. As we step into the third quarter of our lives, this is no longer the case. Even if we have additional time on hand, most of it is spent, relaxing, catching up with people we love and generally worrying a whole lot less about our home and its maintenance. Designed by Meta Kutin Arhitekta and Skupaj Arhitekti keeping all this in mind for a couple who sold their larger, more expansive residence and opted for a relaxing lifestyle is the House for Simple Stay in Litija, Slovenia

House built for simple and pleasant living with a single level design plan for elderly couple

The single-level residence has been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of its aging residents and the necessity for wheelchair access in every room. Organizing the living area, kitchen and dining space in a way that allows those inside to enjoy the panoramic hill views outside adds to the cheerful and natural appeal of the interior. Prefabricated timber frame coupled with smart finishes kept initial construction costs and future maintenance down to a minimum. A simple wood and white color scheme, large windows and modern décor complete this beautiful and practical modern home. [Photography: Miran Kambič]

Large brown couch is the only decor item that ushers in color
Simple outdoor decor for the small deck with hill views
Sliding glass doors connect the living area with the deck outside
Slim, custom wooden furniture for the living area
Gorgeous green landscape around the house brings the interior a cheerful appeal

To the east, a former pizza oven was located, which the owner built and used years ago and insisted on its preservation and inclusion in the new design. The newly built, visible concrete structure with its monumentality gives the vertical sculptural center of gravity a relatively horizontal design, while all the memories of the gatherings at the former oven are preserved and passed on to new generations.

White and wood color scheme inside the modern home with smart design
Wood and white kitchen and dining space with plenty of natural light
Dining room with wooden table offers fabulous views of the scenery outside
Small modern deck offers amazing views of the distant hills while extending the living area outdoors
Floor plan of House for Simple Stay

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