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Cuiabá House: Open Family Home in Brazil with Shaded Outdoor Spaces

Modern homes are all about finding that perfect balance between a cozy, comfortable interior and a spacious, inviting outdoor area with a seamless synergy between the two. The Cuiabá House by Allouchie Arquitetos is one such beautiful residence where modern family life finds ample space to express itself. It is the Le Corbusier’s philosophy of using extended roof slabs, overhangs and smart sunscreens that was adopted to create smart and shaded outdoor zones that extend the living area and kitchen on the inside. The presence of overhangs also helps in keeping out scorching hot tropical sun and making the house a lot more energy-efficient.

Open central courtyard of the Cuiabá House in Brazil

Even though much of the focus remains on the wooden, courtyard, pool area and the shaded walkways, life on the inside is equally enjoyable with modern minimal style holding sway. Exposed concrete surfaces, brick walls painted in white and stone countertops in black create textural contrast without moving away from the neutral color scheme. Ergonomics precede flowery aesthetics here with low-maintenance finishes creating clever public and private spaces.

Unassuming Edison bulb lighting and smart shelving complete a Brazilian home where openness of design is coupled with controlled privacy and ample natural light to offer best of both worlds! [Photography: Thiago Cesar]

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Pool area of the private Brazilian Residence
Sliding glass doors connect the long kitchen with the wooden deck outside
Concrete dining bench with polished stone top
Eames chairs and bar stools for the kitchen and dining
Black countertops add style to the kitchen and dining
Simple and industrial style Edison bulb lighting for the kitchen

We always seek to “escape from direct sunlight” within the environments, especially those in the more permanent social areas, such as rooms and rooms. We then chose to place the service spaces facing the North. In the room, front façade, East side, we chose the concrete bricks and projection of the roof slab as protection elements in the weather and search for controlled privacy.

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Long walkways around the house with ample shade
Large overhangs create plenty of shade around the house
Street facade of the Cuiabá House
Floor plan of the Cuiabá House in Brazil
Elevation of the modern Brazilian home

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