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This Refined Dog Salon in Japan Has a Chic Personality of its Own!

Even your pawed friends need to be pampered once in a while and even though they do get plenty of care and attention at home, a trip to the Dog Salon does sound far more exciting! That is definitely the case if you happen to be in the neighborhood of this chic and unique dog salon designed by Hidenori Tsuboi Architects in Kashiba city, Japan. Dog Salon Rappa has an identity of its even when viewed from the street as its unique brick exterior inspired by the design of a classic dog house attracts your attention instantly.

Brick gives the Dog salon a distinct street facade that sets it apart from the crowd
Brick gives the Dog salon a distinct street facade that sets it apart from the crowd

It is customer care and attention to detail that set this dog salon apart from others as existing stairs of the building were removed by the architects and smaller steps with a gentler slope were added to make it easier for dogs. The aesthetics on the inside are uncomplicated with white and gray being used for the backdrop. A long corridor with series of windows ushers in natural light while simple, hanging bulbs and sconce lights offer an additional layer of illumination. A distinctive reception counter welcomes you inside with white gray trimming area and a comfortable waiting lounge for the pet owners completes the salon. [Photography: Daisuke Shima]

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Gorgeous and unique dog salon in Japan
Gray and white interior of dog salon
Interior of modern dog salon with simple and efficient lighting
Reception area of the Dog Salon
Trimming zone of the Dog Salon
White and navy blue interior of the Dog Salon
Smart trimming zone of the Dog Salon

We have adopted zigzag path for the approach and having set a reception counter in the center of the salon which makes enough space to have the dog steps for some places of the salon. The dog steps have aimed as a safety feature and make rhythmic atmosphere.

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Pendant lighting and sconce lights provide multiple layers of lighting
Small steps at the entrance are designed to make it easy for dogs
Well-lit walkway leading to the waiting zone and trimming space
Modern Dog Salon in Japan with brick, wood and glass exterior
Floor plan of Dog salon with simple, uncomplicated design

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