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Classy and Reclusive Cabins on Stilts Take You into a Secluded Nordic Forest

It is good to get away from it all times; when things become a touch too hectic for our liking. But that is not a luxury that most of us can afford – both in terms of time and resources. Providing one such reclusive and unique escape are the PAN-cabins designed by sivilarkitet espen surnevik as. Nestled in the woodsy Eastern forests of Norway, these gorgeous rental cabins on steel stilts instantly stand out visually thanks to their design and elevated presence. The cantilevered style of the cabins not only gives them a wonderful presence, but also allows those inside to take in the canopy and enjoy unabated forest views. With a steel spiral staircase encased in a protective cylinder, the entry to the cabin is as amazing as the idea itself!

Contemporary rental cabins in the woods

Steel is the major material the shapes the exterior of the cabin while the interior is clad largely in wood. Cozy and relaxing, the cabin has a modern interior with a double bed mezzanine level and a main living area that contains kitchen, dining space and place for additional beds and sofas. Life here is intertwined with nature at every juncture and you can take in the many sights and sounds of the forest with ease. A heated bathroom with shower zone completes the cabin’s functional aspects while dark finishes in the kitchen give it a vibrant, aesthetic appeal. [Photography: Rasmus Norlander, Espen Surnevik, Maren Hansen]

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Gorgeous PAN-Cabins after sunset
Modern cabin cantilevered above ground in the forest
Natural greenery and serenity surround these exquisite cabins
Natural wood and steel interior of the space-savvy forest cabin
Protected stairway outside the cabin along with a walkway steals the show here
Steel plays a major role in shaping the sturdy exterior of the forest cabin
Textured exterior design of the cabin
Unique and modern rental cabins in forests of Norway that stand on steel beams

The artistic approach in the project deals with the ambiguity of putting a man-made, civilized, and intellectually object, like a building, into the subtitle and wild nature. The elevated buildings become a literal safe outpost for the controlled modern life as we know it from an urban context, but surrounded by the mysterious universe of the forest with all its forces and myths.

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View of the landscape from the cozy cabin above ground
Beautiful forest of Finnskogen surrounds the cabin on stilts
Black and wood tiny kitchen space inside the cabin
Design of the stairway outside the cabin gives it an exceptional visual appeal

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