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Roof that Curves Upwards Brings Light into This Revitalized Aussie Home

If you find us constantly harping on the importance of lighting and natural ventilation while planning for a home, then it is for good reason. Lighting can make or break the appeal of an interior and can transform a dark, dingy and unlivable space into a modern, cheerful setting. This effect is even more profound in case of natural light and the Curvy House in Northcote is a perfect example of how creative design can usher in sunlight into the most improbable places! Designed by Ben Callery Architects, the rear extension of this narrow brick house in Melbourne relies on a roof that curves towards the sky to fill its living area with sunlight.

Contemporary rear extension of brick house in Melbourne with curved roof

It is the ingenious, convex curve of the roof along with the clerestory windows that instantly grab your attention as you enter the new rear extension that opens up towards the garden and the extended wooden deck. A series of folding glass doors with dark frame delineate the interior from the outdoor hangout even while allowing light to flow through unhindered. The innovative roof does the rest as it brings the northern sunlight while giving the open plan living, kitchen and dining a more spacious and breezy ambiance.

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Open plan living area with kitchen and dining
Folding glass doors with black frame connect the interior with the rear yard
Clerestory windows and curved roof give the interior a spacious look
Outdoor hangout connected to the living space inside
Wine storage combined with the kitchen island

With a neutral color palette that largely relies on white, comfortable modern furniture and wooden cabinets along with floating shelves, the nifty extension feels both relaxing and refined. A space-savvy workspace and a wine storage area integrated into the kitchen island put the final touches on a dashing makeover of a residence whose Heritage façade is still neatly preserved! [Photography: Tatjana Plitt]

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Unique modern backsplash for the stylish kitchen
Small home workspace with sleek floating shelves above
Simple floating shelves act as both decorative and practical additions
Modern brick wall bathroom with standalone bathtub
View of the curved roof from the rear yard
Curved roof brings natural light into the Melbourne home

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