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Expansive Living: Multiple Volumes Create a Breezy Brazilian Home

Working around unique constraints presented by rugged landscape often brings the very best in architects and results in homes that reimagine conventional design. The irregular shape and sloped terrain of a corner lot in Bragança Paulista, Brazil meant that Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados had to create an innovative home plan that overcame spatial and aesthetic hurdles. House EL is more a collection of three individual volumes rather than one flowing structure, which are interconnected using a series of courtyards, covered walkways and pergolas. Each of the volume serves a specific purpose with functionality defining the boundaries.

Multiple volumes shape stylish and open contemporary home

The main volume of the house in concrete and standing on steel columns contains two different levels and house the living area along with the main bedrooms. An entirely different volume contains the guest bedrooms along with the fabulous sauna and home spa. A glass pergola roof connects the main living area with the guest rooms while a central courtyard along with the pool and the garden interlink the separate units. A double height living area opens up to the outdoors with large glass doors and sweeping wooden windows allowing those inside to switch between unabated views and complete privacy. [Photography: Nelson Kon]

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Cantilevered concrete block on steel pillars
Concrete gives the interior a relaxing modern appeal
Double height living area with ample natural ventilation
Open double-height living area opens up to the lovely view outside
Shaded deck extends the living space outdoors
Stone and concrete create a unique fusion of materials
Sauna, spa and guest wing at the stylish Brazilian home
Sweeping balconies and open bedrooms at House EL

All volumes together result in an “L” site plan around the pool courtyard, on mid level of the terrain respecting the natural topography of the site. This arrangement prioritizes the external areas to the corners, propitiating a discreet and respectful relationship between the house and the neighborhood.

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Kitchen connected with the spacious deck and pool area
Shower area of the bathroom connected with the living wall outside
Pool and deck at the lavish home
Rear garden and pool of House EL
Unique landscape and gardens around the Brazilian home
Landscaped garden around the Brazilian home
Glass pergola connects the living wing with the guest wing
Entrance to House EL

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