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This Modern Boat House in Winter Doubles as a Scenic Summer Retreat

Nestled on the edge of a charming fjord in the US and overlooking a picturesque landscape that takes you away from the constant rush of concrete jungles, the Hood Canal Boat House is one of those amazing, idyllic escapes that most of us dream about! Designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer and sitting on the wonderful banks of Hood Canal, this revamped boathouse combines modernity with durability and efficiency to make most of the limited square footage on the inside. With a concrete and steel structure, the exterior of the boathouse is designed to withstand the wear and tear of the harsh winters in the region.

Concrete and stone Boat House with cozy wooden interiors

It is on the inside that cozy elegance of wood takes over. As its name suggests, the space is used for storing a boat in the rough winter months while it is transformed into a cool hangout and a tidy little vacation home during the pleasant summer months. A retractable ladder leads the way to an attic bedroom that also offers wonderful views of the landscape outside. Décor is obviously minimal and large sliding doors roll open to reveal the boathouse.

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Exquisite views and amazing landscape at the Hood Canal Boat House
Fabulous boat house can also be used as a relaxing retreat
Ladder that slides down from the attic bedroom can be retracted with ease
Looking outside from the windows of the small attic bedroom
Pulley System designed for easy retraction of the ladder
Retractable ladder for the attic bedroom inside the Boat House

Connectivity with nature, ease of maintenance and toughness were the key factors that determined the overall form of this boathouse. A perfect way to enjoy Hood Canal at its unspoiled best! [Photography: Alex Hayden]

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Fully retracted ladder provides space for boat storage in winter
View from the space-savvy attic bedroom
Large sliding doors can be opened completely to fit a boat in with ease
Picturesque landscape around the Hood Canal Boat House

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