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Outdoor Living at its Breezy Best: Modern Beach Pavilion in Chile

As winter rolls away and warmer months start to take over, now is the time to once again enjoy the sunny outdoors. A smart poolside retreat is definitely one of the best places for a relaxing and fun-filled evening with friends and family. Designed by PAR Arquitectos, the Beach Pavilion in Cachagua, Chile offers that ideal getaway as it connects an existing beach house with the expansive deck and pool outside. The cheerful pavilion was crafted using 3 reticulated trusses, oregon pine beams and smart pillars that allow for creation of an open and inviting hangout.

Modern beach pavilion in Chile

The seemingly modest structure serves in a number of ways and acts as the perfect interface between the main house and the pool outside. Apart from the barbecue zone on the outside, one finds a lovely kitchen, warehouse, dressing room and even warehouse inside the new addition. An additional shower area and breezy outdoor décor complete the pavilion where clever skylights bring in even more natural light.

A simple fireplace becomes the focal point of this masterpiece as the sun sets and artificial lights start to take over. Complementing the relaxing beach style of the original home and the more modern appeal of the pool area to perfection, the fun addition epitomizes the spirit of summer at its relaxing best! [Photography: Diego Elgueta]

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Oregon pine pillars and framework for the breezy pavilion
Wooden suuport columns and blinds for the open pavilion
Open and inviting Beach Pavilion design in Chile
Fabulous modern beach style kitchen in light blue and white
Skylights next to the concrete wall usher in abundant natural light
Barbecue zone and sitting area at the stylish pool pavilion
Barbecue zone and sitting area at the stylish pool pavilion
Timber framework keeps out harsh sunlight along with sliding doors

Spatially a central void is constructed, which extends into a hard esplanade, to generate permanent indoor-outdoor relationship, enhancing the pavilion as a support and a container of the family dynamics. The dining and living rooms are supported by a ribbon slab that compose the fireplace, grill and a in build bench.

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Smart recessed lighting for the open pavilion connected with pool deck
Wooden framework shapes the rear of the pavilion
View of the gorgeous landscape around the Becah Pavilion
Simple modern pool next to the pavilion
Open sitting area and dining space of the becah style pavilion
Exqusite landscape lighting takes over at the Pavilion after sunset
Floor plan of charming Beach Pavilion
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