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Hegel Street Apartment in Mexico City: Full of Color and Character

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that your home should reflect who you are, your taste, your choices in art and your needs to create a style that you are comfortable with. This was precisely the message passed on to Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop by the young graphic designer, who is homeowner of this vivacious and bold Hegel Street Apartment in Polanco, Mexico City. The existing features of the apartment were completely altered to reflect the more ‘vibrant lifestyle’ of the new resident, with captivating splashes of color and textural contrast leading the way in the living room.

Polished concrete flooring and walle slab inside the renovated apartment in Mexico

The old carpets and wall finishes were peeled off to reveal lovely concrete surfaces that were preserved and enhanced to give the apartment a more edgy appeal. The waffle slab adds another interesting visual element, as one notices a subtle blend of industrial flair, modernity and eccentric flavor at every turn. Décor is kept largely neutral and modern, while an old, dusty room in the corner was transformed into a cozy conservatory that brings in a flood of natural light. A breakfast nook with a multicolored wall mural steals the show, as its bright blue seating only accentuates the uniqueness of this ingenious interior.

Revitalized living room of the gorgeous Hegel Apartment in Polanco, Ciudad de México, México

Banquette styled breakfast zone full of color

Old wooden boards reclaimed and revamped to dress up the columns inside the apartment

Small conservatory inside the modest apartment in Mexico City

Colorful wall mural and seating for the breakfast zone

The kitchen features a breakfast bench crafted from reclaimed timber that sits next to contemporary cabinets clad in glittering aubergine-purple polyester. The combination of contrasting textures continues in the bedroom, with custom-crafted tongue-and-groove flooring sharing space with walls in concrete slab. Bespoke lighting and discarded materials enlivened with a new lease on life find space inside this exceptional Mexican apartment. [Photography: Rafael Gamo]

Aubergine-purple polyester cabinets and recycled timber breakfast bench inside the small kitchen

Contemporary bedroom with custom wooden flooring and concrete walls

Dash of greenery enlivens the small modern apartment

Small bathroom sink and vanity idea

Floor plan of the Hegel Apartment in Mexico City

Sherry Nothingam
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