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Minimal and Sophisticated Outdoor Furniture Collection with Flexible Form

Depending on which hemisphere of the globe you live in and how close you are to the equator, there might still be ample opportunity for you to enjoy the outdoors. Even if you happen to live in a region where Christmas is white and cold, there is still the matter of planning for the warmer months ahead. Yes, it is the Holidays that currently demand all your attentions. But soon, the first signs of spring with take life and you might not have that perfect outdoor hangout done and ready. It is for those who prefer to get things done early that we have today’s delightful duo of outdoor furniture from Roberti.

A touch of yellow to revitalize your poolside deck

These gorgeous, contemporary and even minimal décor pieces can be used even on the covered porch, in the sunroom or even on a deck with ample shade during winter months. Of course, as spring and summer arrive, they can occupy prime position on the pool deck or in the garden! Smart, sophisticated and luxurious, the two dashing collections promise to steal the spotlight even while remaining distinctly understated.

Playful Coral Reef

If you are hunting for patio furniture with a hint of color and plenty of urban panache, the Coral Reef is the one for you. The collection features a multitude of patio furniture options which include comfy sofas, chaise lounges, armchairs and chairs along with coffee tables and dining tables. You can choose different colored cushions to make sure that your new patio furniture blends into the overall color scheme of your living area or the curated outdoors.

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Minimal aluminum frames and comfy cushions create a fabulous series of outdoor sofas and loungers
Polished outdoor furniture with clean and refined modern design
Sculptural and round outdoor table for the minimal modern deck
Slim and stylish Coral Reef Outdoor decor from Roberti Rattan
Colorful and cheerful yellow outdoor decor idea
It is the base of this minimal outdoor dining table that steals the show

Hamptons – A Twist of Prestige

It sounds a bit superfluous to call a piece of furniture as ‘prestigious’, but the Hamptons Collection sure turns up the style and flair of any outdoor space it adorns without ever trying too hard. In that sense, it does bring a certain ‘prestige’ to it all! This exquisite and classy collection relies on a minimal frame, rounded edges and a lovely blend of white with light pastel hues to usher in modernity that is also warm and inviting. Much like the Coral Reef Series, you will find everything from outdoor sofas to innovative coffee tables and side tables here.

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Outdoor chairs and side tables in black and white
Outdoor sofa in light blue along with a low-slung coffee table
Poolside deck with the Hamptons outdoor sofa, armchairs and coffee table
Stunning outdoor furniture in pure white
Unique and unassuming frame of the sofas gives them a contemporary edge
Blue, white and gray outdoor furniture for the coastal style deck
Elegant and contemporary outdoor furniture collection from Roberti Rattan
Outdoor chairs and side tables in black and white

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