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Refined Minimal Dining Rooms with a Vivacious Splash of Color

We will readily admit that the last few years have seen interior design shift from polished contemporary style to spaces that include more textural contrast. In fact, the trend has begun post 2000’s with adaptive reuse of old structures and smart renovations once again bringing styles like farmhouse and industrial alive. Exposed brick walls and imperfect concrete finishes are now being embraced in favor of glossy, man-made finishes. But there is still space for minimal style at its elegant best. Modern minimal interiors combine urbane charm with a philosophy of ‘less is more’ and do so with seeming sterile. What helps in here is the use of vivacious color at its brilliant best!

Dashing dark blue backdrop in the dining room also adds geometric style to the minimal space [From: Y Interiors]

Minimal dining rooms infused with bright splashes of color feel far more captivating than those that just use neutral hues. Instead of a backdrop in just whites, grays and beige, you can always add layers of bright colors to the mix to drive away any sense of boredom. From the bright and beautiful to the understated and suave, this is a collection of best minimal dining rooms with colors that shine through.

A Way to Add Color in Style

There are plenty of different ways in which you can add color to the minimal dining space without taking away from its ‘innate minimalistic appeal’. One of the easiest and most popular options is to use a backdrop in dark, bright color. This approach is simple enough and with a curated set of accents in matching hue, you can fashion a dining room that is cultured and yet still filled with plenty of visual brightness. The accent color can be yellow, blue or red – in most minimal dining spaces the backdrop allows you to use almost any bolder hue. Make sure though that you do not use more than one or two colors in this dining space.

Give the minimal dining room an eye-catching and colorful focal point that will leave your guests enthralled [From: Audrey Matlock Architect]
Brilliant blend of Scandinavian and minimal styles with natural greenery thrown into the mix [From: By Rydéns]
Furniture and the dark gray backdrop add minimal style to this spacious contemporary dining room [From: Walker Architects]

Wall Art Makes a Difference

This is an approach that we absolutely love and we tend to regularly lean on when we want to refresh our home interiors! Wall art allows you to add color and pattern to the dining room without taking away from the style and theme already used. The wall art piece that you choose also lets you add a distinct personality to a room that is otherwise filled with just ‘impersonal surfaces’. Whether it is modernism that you love or classic art that takes you back in time, every piece becomes the focal point of the minimal space with ease.

Use fabulous wall art pieces to give the minimal dining room a personality of its own [From: sixty nine EDGE DESIGN]
Wall art in this dining room adds bright yellow to a black and white space [From: GATH Interior Design]
Gorgeous minimal dining room with colorful wall art piece in the backdrop and cascading chandelier [From: Casa Q INC]
Graffiti brought into the minimal dining room to create more visual interest [From: Mark Nichols Modern Interiors]

When Other Styles Make an Impact

Just because you went with minimal style for the dining room does not mean that you have to strictly adhere to minimal decorating principles at all times. You can mix other styles with minimal approach to design for a dining space that is both elegant and unique. Often, styles like Scandinavian and modern mix well with minimal overtones, but you can try more daring combinations like beach style and minimal and Asian and minimal if you get the right balance between the two.

Asian style influences are combined with minimal style in this beautiful dining room [From: AT6 Architecture : Design Build]
Edison bulb lighting adds industrial touches to this modern minimal dining space
Trio of green chairs bring color to this exquisite minimal dining room [From: Lucy Call Photogrphy]

So, are you ready to embrace minimal style in the dining room this fall?

Sherry Nothingam

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