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Minimal Concrete, Steel and Glass Home Wrapped in Cloak of Greenery

It is not very easy to find a refuge in the urban rush that constantly surrounds us. Life can get cluttered and chaotic pretty fast. This is where a house like GePo in Wijgmaal, Belgium comes to the rescue of its homeowners as it provides an oasis of green that is built on the principles of minimalism. Designed by OYO, this Belgian house was constructed using concrete, wood and glass and sits on a metallic frame that gives it a relaxing and modern appeal. Large glass walls surround the simple living room of the house and connect it with the lush green landscape and small lake outside. A separate kitchen creates a separation between the living and cooking areas with ease.

Beautiful and relaxing home becomes one with ature thanks to extensive glass walls
Beautiful and relaxing home becomes one with nature thanks to extensive glass walls

On the inside, the décor is kept simple and minimal and a flood of sunlight illuminates every room of the house. It is the lower level that contains the living area and other public spaces while the bedrooms sit on the top floor. The large natural water body outside elevates the scenic appeal of the setting and also is the central piece of a landscape that feels like an extension of the living area. Greenery around the house also provides natural cover from harsh sunlight and the interplay between shadow and light during different times of the day and seasons makes the home a real delight indeed.

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Garden and small lake become a part of the home’s narrative here
Glass walls connect the interior with the landscape outside
Innovative bookshelves add color to the minimal modern living area
Lower level living area of the House GePo with a view of the small lake
Open ambiance of the living room surrounded by greenery

Drapes provide additional layers of privacy in the bedroom even as House GePo transports anyone who steps into its confines into a world of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. A perfect getaway that keeps things uncomplicated! [Photography: Tom Janssens]

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Reflective pool and garden around the house add to its relaxing appeal
Small and simple living area with glass walls and comfy decor
Trees and greenery offer natural shade from the sun
Concrete top level of the home with minimal contemporary appeal
Concrete, steel and glass building of the house in Wijgmaal, Belgium

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