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A Mid-Century Modern Recreation: Ocotea House Renovation in Raleigh

An aging structure, a series of poorly planned renovations spread across several decades turned this mid-century home built in the 60’s into a dreary and poorly lit structure. Transforming the classic home into a modern delight even while keeping its midcentury zest firmly intact, in situ studio create a relaxing and striking structure. One of central guiding principles for the makeover was the original design of the home that relied on a simple roof form, low-sloped ranch and a basement that was completely visible to the outside world. Removing the poorly planned sunroom that was added subsequently, a new carport gives the Ocotea House Renovation its distinct front façade.

Brick and glass give the home a gorgeous Mid-century modern aesthetic
Brick and glass give the home a gorgeous Mid-century modern aesthetic

A thin wrap-around porch welcomes you at the house and as you step in the main living area that sits above ground charms with its fabulous blend of modern finishes and iconic midcentury modern décor. A wall of glass brings in ample natural light with exposed brick wall sections adding textural contrast to the living area. The dining room and kitchen sit next to the living space with two bedrooms and master suite on the other end of the house. An altered basement now features the family lounge, a home office, storage area, additional utility rooms and a kitchenette.

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Classic mid-century decor gives the living room a timeless appeal
Eames icons along with comfy chairs shape the stunning room
Cabinets and shelves create a room within a room
Upper level living area of Ocotea House
Exposed brick wall fireplace for the living area
Wooden walls delineate the living area from the kitchen
New stairway connects the lower level with the living area
Modern bedroom in white filled with ample natural light

Instead of completely demolishing the old house and building a new one, the smart remodeling saves both time and resources while preserving and enriching the historic appeal of the Ocotea House. [Photography: Keith Isaacs]

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Extended roof acts as the new carport for the house
Revamped midcentury modern house in Raleigh
Entryway leading to the contemporary Ocotea House Renovation
Gray brick exterior of the revamped midcentury house
Painted brick exterior of the midcentury modern house in US
Floor plan of revamped midcentury home in Raleigh, United States
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