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Beautiful Rustic and Industrial Elements Transform South East London Apartment

Most apartments in the city of London either have a distinct, traditional element that is borrowed from the city’s rich historic past or a very sophisticated, contemporary look that is perfect for the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. But few homes are as informal, engaging and filled with an array of charming rustic and industrial elements like this Bohemian Sanctuary designed by Paul Langston in South East London. Despite its overall style veering towards a relaxing bohemian appeal, the décor and accessories themselves are largely rustic and industrial in nature. It is the seamless fusion of the two that makes the apartment so very fresh, and you even get a serene holiday vibe in the living room thanks to the hammock in the backdrop.

Living room of the South London home with rustic and industrial elements
Living room of the South London home with rustic and industrial elements

Another interesting feature of the apartment is the wonderful use of greenery throughout its living area that extends into the small balcony outside. Original wall surfaces were intentionally exposed with a new pine board flooring adding to the sense of visual contrast. Concrete walls are combined with smart steel beams for a casual industrial backdrop and sliding glass doors connect the living space with the balcony that features a large wooden planter on one side and a custom, built-in seat on the other.

Concrete wall combined with steel beams and greenery inside the London apartment
Custom wooden side table next to the sofa saves space
Hammock brings breezy bohemian appeal to the unique London apartment living room
Rustic accessories coupled with an industrial backdrop inside the space-savvy London apartment
Slim wooden floating shelves in the living room along with comfy couches

Even in the living room, the sofas in gray feel like an afterthought with all that is going on around them. Slim side tables in wood, floating wooden shelves and a reclaimed wooden coffee table steal the spotlight with the neutrals taking a backseat. Everything is simple, minimal and yet has a certain ‘rural’ flavor that is unmistakable inside this London home.

Turning South London apartment into a Bohemian refuge with industrial and rustic elements
Beautifully lit closet also is used as a lovely decorative element inside the apartment
Closer look at the reclaimed wood and metal coffee table and green planter next to it
Sherry Nothingam
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