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15 Easy Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas to Your Rescue!

Time does fly by! You have been meaning to pick up a gift for Valentine’s Day for a while now, but you simply were too busy with other stuff. Maybe you wanted to make something special that says you care. But time does not really wait for anyone and February 14th is pretty much here. Yes, the day of love is tomorrow and if you do not really have a gift for your beloved, then you are definitely not alone in that boat. Of course, as always, we are more than happy to bail out our readers and make sure they reach the shore safe and sound. Yup, here are the 15 best DIY Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas to turn to!

Woodburned heart ring DIY

Making dashing and fun jewelry is easier than you think and yes, it serves you well even as a last-minute idea. No girl can really pass up on jewelry and it becomes even more special when you make it yourself. There is plenty of variety to choose from ranging from pendants and bracelets to earrings and just rings. We even have a couple of cool jewelry bag and dish ideas to make it all a more complete affair. Enjoy and start getting busy!

Pretty and Popular Pendants

A pendant is obviously the easiest piece of jewelry that one can craft at home and for Valentine’s Day it is the heart that is the obvious choice. You can start with something as simple and elegant as the super-easy “I love You” pendant. This one takes absolutely no time at all and if you have bit more time at hand, then you can craft the DIY Leather Conversation Hearts. The Easy leather heart pendant is an awesome idea that takes the cool factor to a whole new level while the one-of-a-kind vintage love-letter necklace is an idea you can still pull off with the right crafting skills.

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DIY Leather Conversation Hearts
Easy leather heart pendant for Valentine’s Day crafted in 10 minutes
Making valentine’s day I Love You Necklace
Wire crochet volume heart pendant DIY
Concrete heart necklace DIY
Cool vintage love-letter necklace

DIY Bracelets and Wraps

From the fascinating world of DIY pendants, we move on to trendy bracelets and wraps that just seem so much more hip and trendy. Bracelets always feel extra special as a gift and if you make something as cute and classy as the heart charm bracelet, then you are bound to win over hearts almost instantly. If your girl prefers a more minimal and less glitzy look, then go for the DIY heart bracelet and if she love glitz and glam then the DIY Rhinestone Leather Wrap is the one for you. Yes, it pays to listen and observe!

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DIY Rhinestone Leather Wrap Tutorial
Super easy heart charm bracelet full of color
Cute and cuddly DIY heart bracelet for Valentine’ Day

Gift bags, Dishes and More!

You can work with a variety of materials to create lovely Valentine’s Day jewelry that stands out from the many store-bought pieces. It all depends on your crafting skills and also the materials available around you as you scamper to craft something amazing. Be it earrings made using resin or Captive Heart Earrings and Pendant or even just beautiful beads; there are many ways to stitch a heart together and win one over as well! Once you make your gift, maybe you can even go the extra mile with a DIY Jewelry Bag or a gold-dipped dish that holds jewelry.

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Cute and Easy Pretty Beaded Heart Pattern
Fun and Quick DIY Jewelry Bags for Valentine’s Day
Gold dipped heart dish tutorial
Beautifully crafted Captive Heart Earrings and Pendant
Brilliant and easy DIY resin earrings and pendant for Valentine’s Day

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