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Built for an Active Lifestyle: Lakeside Cabin in Canada with a Dashing, Dark Exterior

Not everyone among us wants to spend a weekend sitting on the couch binge-watching the latest hit series! There are those who prefer to maintain a more active lifestyle where leisure, fun and a bit of basic fitness are all rolled into one. Designed for two brothers who spend most of their lives in the city, but love outdoor activities and wish to stay close to nature whenever possible, the Lakeside Cabin by ATELIER SCHWIMMER is unique in many ways. With a dark, larch wooden exterior and a minimal, contemporary interior, the house feels both exquisite and inviting.

Dark treated larch exterior of the Lakeside Cabin in Canada with lovely lake views

On the lower level one finds the living area with a central atrium that bring light into every corner of the cabin and acts as the ‘central feature’ around which every other space evolves. The upper mezzanine level holds the four bedrooms that offer fabulous views of the lake and beyond with a modern concrete, two-sided fireplace sitting at the heart of the lower level. Instead of shaping It like a conventional home, the cabin is more suite for rest, relaxation and an active lifestyle that promotes interaction between its residents. [Photography: Adrien Williams]

Fabulous new building on the banks of Lake Brome with a striking, dark exterior
Larch in two different finishes shapes the exterior of the house along with glass
Minimal and contemporary interior of the cabin with a view of the lake promotes leisure lifestyle
Rope that you can climb to the second level promotes a healthier lifestyle
Double-sided concrete fireplace sits at the heart of the new living area

We have created the Black Cabin situated near a small town in the Eastern Townships, set amongst classical 19th-century houses and more recently built modest cottages. Conceived as an archetypical house, the building has three entrances, forming a loggia at the entrance and at the back, and a covered terrace on the side.

Upper level of the home in wood and white with a minimal appeal
Dashing dark exterior of the cabin draped in wood is just perfect for the relaxing natural escape
Natural greenery and a view of the lake steal the spotlight at this Lakeside Cabin in Canada
Ground level floor plan of lakeside cabin in Canada
Second level floor plan of the modern lakeside cabin in Canada

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