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Integrating with the Cityscape: Custom Wall Mural Enlivens Tiny Modern Office

Located in the beautiful Southern City of Loja in Ecuador, the gorgeous and unique FB+ estudio Office designed by the team of FB+ studio themselves leaves you awestruck with its brilliant use of wall murals. The office occupies a mere 20 square meters of space inside a 250 square meter lot with its ftont being protected by a coupled of doors that keep out unnecessary attention. But what really captures those that walk by this tiny office is the brilliant mural painting by architect Carlos Valarezo; a masterpiece that portrays busy city lifestyle and connects the modest office with the busting landscape around it.

Striking street facade of FB+ estudio Office in Ecuador with a wall mural

At the entrance to the office one finds sliding translucent polycarbonate doors that lead to another set of doors in OSD. The twin door system allows light to come into the office while providing complete security. The décor inside the office is simple and minimal with shelves in metal and wood in the corner offering both aesthetic and functional elegance. Pops of yellow bring color into an otherwise neutral space in white while indoor plants make the decorating style even more vibrant. [Photography: FB+ studio]

Gorgeous and space-savvy FB + Estudio Office street facade
Look at the street facade of the office after sunset
Metal frame shelf and colorful accents add industrial modern look to the small office
Minimal design of the office entrance allows the large mural to take centerstage

The studio seeks to interact with the city, giving it a neutral space for pause and observation, creating a space that transforms from a vacuum in the day to a point of light at night, taking advantage of its materiality. The mural painted by the architect Carlos Valarezo integrates the studio with the city, conceptualizing the formal, integral and philosophical research in architecture

Sliding translucent glass doors along with folding doors create the entrance to the Office
Wall mural aims to integrate the office with the cityscape while giving it a unique look
Beautiful wall mural by architect Carlos Valarezo graces the street facade of the office
Beautiful wall mural by architect Carlos Valarezo graces the street facade of the office
Beautiful colors coupled with a neutral backdrop in white inside the tiny office
Design plan of FB + estudio Office in Ecuador

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