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Industrial and Modern Side by Side: Two Houses in Bangkok

Contrasting synergy is what we see at the Two Houses at Nichada Village in Bangkok, Thailand, with these smart and stylish structures offering two completely different perspectives on interior design. Crafted with care by Alkhemist Architects to meet the needs of two brothers who wanted to live close to one another, this interesting project showcases how one can fashion two strikingly different interiors in homes that sit next to one another, even while incorporating a common thread. The two independent buildings are connected by a common patio and pool area, and the living area of one is visually connected with the other using sliding glass doors.

Gorgeous industrial living room of one of the Two Houses in Bangkok, Thailand

Even though both houses seem similar from the outside, they present an entirely different look as you step indoors. The residence of the elder brother features a cooler, more contemporary style, with white, gray and blue shaping the backdrop. Reflecting the taste of a man who enjoys his outdoors and is a golfer by profession, this home has an open living area that flows into the pool zone, and the bedrooms on the top level also seem connected with the public spaces below. The second house of the younger brother has more or less the same floor plan, but the dark, industrial style of the residence provides a perfect retreat for this party-loving night club entrepreneur!

Street facade of Two Houses by Alkhemist Architects in Bangkok, Thailand

Dark and dashing industrial style home with fascinating decor and smart lighting

Luxurious leather decor and whitewashed brick wall give the interior an edgy modern look

Blue, white and gray give the living space a cool, relaxed appeal

Charming open plan living in white and blue with brick walls all around

Industrial style pendant lighting combine with ambient lights to create a cozy living area

Minimal presence of decor in teh living room enhances its spacious vibe

Large sliding glass doors and windows open up the Thai home towards the patio and pool area

Patio and pool area connect the two houses in Bangkok, Thailand

You can see a distinct change in ambiance and theme in both of the houses, even as common elements like exposed and painted brick walls, sliding glass doors and a largely similar silhouette connect the homes. Modern décor, industrial-style lighting and a love for the outdoors cap off this nifty project where common features bind diverse interiors. [Photography: Ketsiree Wongwan]

Fabulous water feature becomes a part of the living room visual because of sliding glass doors

Staircase flanked by texturally two different walls fetaures little windows that bring in natural light

Wooden tables and industrial lighting for the kitchen and dining area

Brick walls bring industrial touch to the modern interior

Design of the roof and the silhouette of Two Houses building

Entryway and parking space for the Two Houses

Modern Two Houses after sunset

Entrance to the ingenious Two Houses in Nichada, Bangkok

First level floor plan of the Two Houses

Second level floor plan of two houses next to one another in Bangkok, Thailand

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