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Best Color Schemes for Industrial Style Bathrooms: 25 Ideas and Inspirations!

There are some trends that vanish within no time whatsoever. Then there are trends that last beyond just a few seasons and become part of an entire generation. When industrial style was back in trend, many felt that it was going to vanish away in absolutely no time at all. That was barely the case and even several years down the lie, homeowners today are only falling in love with modern-industrial style over and over again! With that in mind, it makes plenty of sense to explore the latest in industrial style design and decorating and find out ways in which it has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of fast-paced world today.

Weathered brick walls look stunning in the industrial style bathroom [From: Rolf Kirchgäßner GmbH]

Industrial style bathrooms come in a wide range of forms and you can combine a variety of different styles with industrial overtones to create a cool combination. Classic industrial elements like exposed metal elements, duct pipes, large windows with black frames and beautiful brick walls give these rooms a more authentic industrial appeal. Then again, you can choose what you love and mix them with these different color schemes (you will notice that white is omnipresent!) for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating bathroom.

Brick and White!

Nothing says industrial like beautiful brick walls in the backdrop. Carefully preserved and enhanced brick walls give the room a timeless appeal even while ensuring that the room does not feel far too aged or overwhelming. Brick walls in the bathroom along with plenty of white gives the bathroom a tranquil and edgy aesthetic with a balance between both the worlds.

Mirror frame adds to the classic appeal of this bathroom with brick and glass walls
Refined finishes coupled with exposed brick walls inside the industrial bathroom
Rustic touches blended in with industrial style in the bathroom
Working with brick walls in the bathroom can get tricky at times!
Ingenious and space-savvy industrial bathroom inside London apartment
Marble combined with brick inside the bathroom

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Orange Zest

For reasons we cannot absolutely pinpoint, but can strongly vouch for, orange looks smashing in any industrial style room and does so with complete ease. Orange coupled with gray can give you a balance of something exciting and something understated while a wall of burnt orange is a complete hit as an accent addition. Make sure though that you do not turn to glossy shades of orange as they tend to overwhelm when used in excess.

Contemporary bathroom with a dash of industrial vibe [From: Pier, Fine Associates]
Industrial bathroom in gray and orange
Modern industrial bathroom with gorgeous brick walls [From: WolffHager Contracting and Development]
Orange shower area for the industrial bathroom
Splendid industrial style bathroom in burnt orange [From: Fabien Perret et associés architecte]
Bold orange walls for the modern industrial bathroom [From: Terri Sears, Kitchen and Bath Designer]
Brick walls give a lovely orange patina to this industrial bathroom [From: Ilaria Mari]

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Blue and White (with some Greenery)

It is amazing how blue and white as a color duo works in every room and almost any decorating style that you can think of. Blue and white industrial bathrooms feel a lot more modern than those in other hues and yet have a raw, elegant aura about them. Working with this color scheme allows you to easily switch between styles down the line and you can use accessories and accents to enhance the industrial side of the bathroom without committing to it fully.

Industrial minimal bathroom in blue and white [From: Pearl May Photography]
Polished industrial bathroom in white and blue
Unique industrial bathroom in stone with wooden vanity and blue backdrop [From: Art Group]
Contemporary industrial bathrooms combine serenity with smart design
Exquisite industrial bathroom in white with blue ceiling [From: ToTaste: Studio]

Black and White Industrial Bathrooms

Thinking of taking a more classical approach to decorating the industrial bathroom? Then the black and white color scheme is a route that always works. It also allows you to use large, dark metallic frames with ease and the white backdrop ensures that all metallic accents and industrial elements stand out visually.

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Floating wooden vanity for the black and white bathroom [From: SQ Projects]
Herringbone pattern floor for the bathroom with a dash of brick magic above [From: Eat the Mint]
Industrial bathroom in black and white with patterned tiles
Right mirror instantly uplifts the appeal of the bathroom [From: Ewelina Kabala Photography]
Space-savvy industrial bathroom with plenty of natural lighting [From: Architects EAT]
Exquisite industrial bathroom in black and white [From: Schmauder Group]

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