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How To Select The Best Color Scheme To Complement Your Existing Flooring

The color of your flooring is a vital element to consider when designing a room because it helps bring together your overall decor scheme. 

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Unfortunately, many people shy away from this aspect of home decor because they don’t know how to choose the best option to go with their flooring. A great floor color sets the tone of the room and alters how you see the space. For instance, lighter flooring gives a small room an illusion of space.

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 This article will help guide you on the colors to use with various floorings.

Avoid using warm colors

It’s best to avoid using warm colors when you have warm wooden floors and trim. A cooler color will generally look better and help balance out the warmth in the flooring. 

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Understand that wood has a color

People often fail to realize that wood has its own color, and it is not neutral. Choosing a wall color without taking time to see how it fits with the existing flooring could be a costly mistake. 

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Tips: A good way to avoid this problem is by taking a small piece of your flooring to the paint shop, or a photograph.

Combine greys with other colors

A grey wood floor color goes well with blue walls. This color combination gives the room a cool and relaxing look. Navy blue is also highly recommended with grey flooring. It’s a perfect combination.

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Use darker hardwood flooring with a lighter wall paint

Dark hardwood flooring was frowned upon some time ago, but people are beginning to use it again and it is becoming more and more popular. You can mix it with lighter shades, as this creates a balance in the room.

Source: Hallmark Floors

Combine neutral colors with wood floors

Neutral colors go well with wood floors. Examples of such neutral colors include browns and greys.

Source: Flooring Inc.

Combine cherry wood and white

Cherry wood flooring is beautiful and conspicuous. It goes well with white and other light colors.

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Source: RoomDsign

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