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Finding New Space and Purpose for HDB Apartment in Singapore: Office and Home

Space is a precious commodity in most big cities across the globe and in places like London, Melbourne, New York City or Singapore, the urban landscape only offers limited square footage; a space that you need to pay a premium for. That is why the many HDB apartments in Singapore are still so very popular and accommodate for a majority of the urban population. But PROJECT#13 designed by Studio Wills + Architects in the city is one that revamps these spaces of the past and gives them a whole new purpose with smart design that maximizes the limited area without creating a sense of clutter.

Custom wooden units and decor create new space inside the tiny HDB apartment in Singapore

The brief for the architects was to bring privacy to these uber-small units and to transform one into both an office space and living zones; one flowing into the next in a seamless manner. With a white and wood color scheme on the inside, the units feel refreshing and light-filled and the loft level sleeping area ensures that there is ample room underneath for the living and kitchen areas. With a reception and lounge on one side and meeting and dining spaces on the other, there is still plenty of room for everyone to interact with ease. [Photography: Khoo Guo Jie, Finbarr Fallon]

Creating a link between the loft level bedroom and the office space of the apartment
Custom tiles add pattern to the bathroom in wood and white
Entrance to the revamped HDB apartment in Singapore that now contains an office and home
Long corridor of the Housing & Development Board building that contains the revamped apartment
Office space with smart shelving and desks that can easily accommodate a couple of people

Nested in a public housing block served by common corridors, such corridors were originally envisioned as social interaction spaces. However, over time many units facing these corridors were observed to have their curtains permanently drawn over its windows as a result of the changing behavioral patterns with increased need for privacy of its occupants.

Renovated small apartment in Singapore with space-savvy design
Space-savvy and stylish loft bed design of the apartment is a simple showstopper
Ultra-small living room of the home with a couch that perfectly fits in
Closer look at the loft level bedroom of the apartment in wood and white
Design plan and layout of Apartment Renovation in Singapore inside HDB building

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