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Exclusive Psychiatric Hospital on a River in Paris Wows with Novel Design

On first look you might not really believe that the Adamant Hospital sitting on a river in Paris is a hospital at all. It feels like a relaxing hotel that has been anchored to the edge of a water body and promises beautiful views of the city from its circular confines. And that is precisely the image that Seine Design wanted to showcase with the design of this psychiatric facility in the French capital that is anchored to the river bed firmly. The woodsy hospital feels charming and those visiting it are bound to enjoy its cheerful and welcoming visual appeal; an essential part in ensuring that those who do need help keep returning to the hospital!

Unique design of Adamant psychiatric hospital next to the river in Paris, France

Despite sitting on the river, you feel absolutely secure within the confines of this hospital and its many wooden shutters can be opened and closed at will to let in natural light wherever needed. This creates a beautiful interplay between light and shadows on the wooden floor of the building even as its design indoors is aimed at shaping a smart, functional and serene ambiance. The open halls and large rooms are perfect for the many ‘therapy workshops’ that will be help inside while the input of both doctors and patients has been extensively used in creating its final form.

Metal, wood and glass combine to create a casual and elegant interior inside the hospital
View of the landscape and Paris around the Adamant Hospital on a River
Wooden exterior of the hospital gives it warm, inviting appeal
Wooden shutters can be opened and closed with ease to create multiple moods inside
Comfortable design of the interior is crafted to put patients’ mind at ease
Custom lighting and smart design create lovely spaces for workshops
Innovative psychiatric hospital on teh edge of river offers fabulous natural views along with glimpses of Paris

A steel frames has been coupled with natural materials and wood to create this lovely hospital that definitely moves away from the usual. With ample space, eye-catching views and one-of-a-kind locations, the facility aims to provide patients with the best possible opportunity to recover and rediscover the magic of life! [Photography: Sergio Grazia]

Ground level floor plan of Adamant Hospital in Paris
First level floor plan of Hospital on a River in Paris
Second level floor plan with studios and other spaces

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