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Loke Thye Kee Residences: Recapturing Historic Penang with Modern Zest

You would rarely come across a makeover where 5 pre-war shophouses were turned into such mesmerizing and inviting suites such as the exquisite Loke Thye Kee Residences in Georgetown, Penang. This Malaysian masterpiece combines the historic past of these iconic warehouses in the heart of the city with contemporary aesthetics and modern comfort to give its guests the very best of both worlds. Drawing inspiration from the famous Loke Thye Kee restaurant next to it, the new getaway promises guests a trip down the city’s unique history as it aims to recapture and reinterpret 1900s Penang.

Loke Thye Kee Residences in Malaysia combines heritage with modern amenities

The bold redevelopment project was completed by Ministry of Design, who turned to stunning LED cove lighting, unique design solutions such as the ‘glass box wardrobe’ and non-intrusive additions to ensure that much of the original character of the structure was kept intact. A spellbinding fusion of tiles and exposed brick walls in the foyer welcomes you into a world that seems detached from the hustle and bustle of city life around it. A quiet and relaxing garden forecourt adds to the ambiance of each of the 5 suites as guests experience the very best of Penang, both from a traditional and modern perspective.

A relaxing stay at Loke Thye Kee Residences offer the best of Penang

Exposed brick walls bring historic context to the refined, modern interiors of Loke Thyee Kee Residences

Exquisite design of the 5 suites at the unique Malaysian getaway that brings together past and present

Glass and stone additions inside the suites make minimum change to the existing walls

Gorgeous decor, quirky accents, glass box wardrobes and stunning ambaince shape the historic Penang getaway

LED cove lighting for the brick walls creates a cozy, etheral setting inside the suites

Luxurious stay in Penang that recaptures its historic past in a contemporary fashion

Fascinating tile work and original brick walls create a sensational vacation home in the heart of Penang

Even the tiniest of details such as the food map for guests to help navigate the area’s street food, the room service menu and TV menu were crafted with great care to fit in with the overall theme, aesthetics and the inimitable soul of Loke Thye Kee Residences. Floor rugs, cushions, décor and wall art add to the enchanting aura of this exclusive getaway that is unlike any other you will ever see. And for the tech-savvy, you have everything from a flat-screen TV, gaming consoles and Blu-ray player to free Wi-Fi and a safe for your laptop to keep you happy and connected!

Available for short-term and long-term guests, a stay here will alter the way you look at Penang forever, even as you take back images of a time filled with fascinating design, world-class service, delectable cuisine and the cosmopolitan flavor of Malaysia. [Photos: CI&A Photography]

Sitting area of the suite with a view of the lush private garden

Relaxing private gardens and alleyways take you away from the fast city life

Loke Thye Kee Residences by by Ministry of Design in Georgetown, Penang

Series of five iconic shophouses turned into amazing Loke Thye Kee Residences

Street view of the iconic, historic hotel in Penang

First level floor plan of the historic hotel in George Town, Penang

Floor plan of the private balcony and guest rooms at the Loke Thye Kee Residences

A look at the floor plan of guest suite at Loke Thye Kee Residences

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