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Amazing Himalayan Escape Takes You near some of the World’s Highest Peaks!

The Himalayan range is home to the tallest mountains on the planet and few are more imposing than India’s second highest peak – Nanda Devi. Nestled in the lap of this mighty mountain range and giving its guests an impressive and majestic view of Nanda Devi in the distance, this small boutique hotel in Uttarakhand, India sits 1600 meters above sea level. The The Kumaon occupies the highest point of the tranquil village of Kaser devi near the town of Almora and a short trek to the hotel is as impressive as the hotel itself. Designed by Zowa Architects, the hotel celebrates vernacular design and locally sourced materials even while offering contemporary comfort and a mesmerizing escape.

Stunning hillside hotel in Indian Himalayas with a view of India’s second tallest mountain

Spread across three different levels, one finds a beautiful lounge, library, spa and other service spaces along with 10 guest rooms inside this unique escape. But the real highlight here is undoubtedly the amazing dining area that gives you the best possible view of the valley and the village below along with an unabated look at the most impressive mountain range on the planet. As night sets in, you will enjoy the sight of a clear sky with millions of stars and an image of the Milky Way that one simply cannot spot in the cityscape.

Bamboo has been used extensively throughout the construction along with locally sourced fly ash bricks and concrete giving the modern hotel a rustic look. Local pinewood and granite stones put the final touches on this Himalayan refuge that takes you into a mystic and spellbinding landscape. [Photography: Akshay Sharma]

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Stunning view of Kanchenjunga from the dining room of the Uttarakhand hotel
Bamboo exterior of contemporary hotel in Uttarakhand
Locally sourced materials and exposed concrete shape the common area of the hotel
Fly ash bricks and bamboo create a rustic environment inside the bedroom
Clear night sky at the Himalayan hotel with the Milky Way
Bamboo cladding of the top level gives the hotel its rustic charm
Bamboo cladding of the top level gives the hotel its rustic charm

All the structures were designed for rainwater harvesting, with a drain system taking the water to a large holding tank at the bottom of the site. The hotel plans to replant seasonal crops in the terraces and leftover spaces, using the product for its own kitchen. Overall our attempt was to highlight the stunning natural landscape and focus on the mountain views while paying homage to local materials, tradition and culture.

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Window seat with a view of the Himalayas
Wood, rustic finsihes and bamboo give the bedroom of the Himalayan hotel a cozy appeal
Bedroom with private balcony and a stunning view of the Himalayas
Floor plan of lower level of The Kumaon
Floor plan of upper level with bedrooms
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