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Coveted Heritage Apartment in Vancouver Blends History with Modernity

With heritage industrial style lofts in short supply, the few remaining units in Vancouver do tend to rarely make it on to the real estate scene. Even if they do, it is not very long before you have to ward off competition to call on your home. This fabulous, modern and exquisite apartment in the renowned ‘Crane Lofts’ on Beatty Street is one such gem that we discovered on Albrighton Real Estate. With a price tag of $ 1,129,000, the fabulous upper floor apartment unit gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the best of the building’s industrial-modern ambiance even while exploring the best of Vancouver with absolute ease.

Original restored brick and classical windows inside the apartment

Much of the facade and the interiors of the building have been carefully preserved and restored and you can even notice the original 1911 radiator heaters in the hallway along with the brickwork and exposed steel beams. With the loft nestled on the highest level of heritage units, one can instantly notice the additional vertical room on offer here. With a state-of-the-art kitchen that features wooden cabinetry, an open living area with exposed brick walls and a backdrop in white, the interior creates a curated blend of industrial touches and modern refinement.

The small bedroom with glass walls and a modern bathroom in white and gray complete the spacious and cheerful apartment where past and present coexist in harmony.

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Exterior of the original Crane Lofts building turned into modern residential structure
Industrial 1911 building in Vancouver holds modern residences
Tall interiors give the modern industrial apartment a visually spacious and cheerful ambiance
Small sitting area and conversation zone next to the windows
Original brick walls of the apartment give it an exceptional visual appeal
Comfy reading nook with brick wall backdrop and lots of natural light
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and small island
Exposed brick wall also gives the kitchen a fabulous modern-industrial look
Sliding glass and mirrored doors create the small and space-savvy bedroom next to the living area

There are few buildings in Vancouver left that have not been restored already, and there is not the same allowable density as a building that can be taken down for a new high-rise. Given the fact that the supply of heritage buildings is limited, and no residential conversions are currently being redeveloped, the value has risen sharply, as the demand has increased without any additional new projects being added to the Downtown core.

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Spacious and light-filled kitchen with brick wall on one side and wooden cabinetry
Serene and stylish contemporary bedroom in white
Modern bedroom in white with slim bedside tables and even lighting
Glass windows connect the bedroom with the living area
Modern bedroom in white with sliding glass windows and doors
Modern bathroom in gray, white and wood
Contemporary bathroom with bathtub and glass shower in the corner
Tiny home work space and bathroom next to the bedroom
Common hallways with 1911 radiators give the building an authentic modern industrial vibe

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