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Carved into the Landscape: Stunning Recreational Facility and Office with Ample Green

We love homes that blend into the landscape seamlessly, but the Pool Pavilion nestled in scenic Adirondack Mountains takes it to a whole new level with a design that feels like a natural extension of the scenery itself! Designed by GLUCK+, this modern masterpiece is a recreational facility that drapes you in luxury and does so while making most of the natural rift in the lot. The recreational center consists of a spa, swimming pool, sauna, a series of terraces, a theater and gym and all of this simply disappear into the backdrop as if they were always there. That is the true genius of the Pool Pavilion and with a gorgeous green roof, eco-friendly design comes out winning in here!

Recreational center in Adirondack Mountains blends in with the landscape

On the ground level you have a spacious and elegant office in copper with glass walls that offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the lake next to the lot and the woods while the spaces tucked in below feel cozy all year long. The copper cladding, green roof and other natural elements of the design change and age as seasons pass by and give the setting a different visual appeal every time. A stunning setting indeed that leaves very little carbon footprint; if any. [Photography: Paul Warchol, Amy Barkow, Erik Freeland]

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Green roof and contours of the pavilion ensure it feels like a natural addition
Lovely lake and natural greenery provide a stunning setting for the pool pavilion
Natural rift in the land has been turned into a wonderful pool pavilion
Office above ground level offers wonderful views of the landscape around
Reflective finishes give the pavilion a more brighter, modern look

An integrated environmental strategy weaves formal concerns with responsible building solutions. Massive overhangs protect from direct solar heating; inverted planes of the white fabric ceiling to disperse light in every direction to maximize day-lighting; sod roofs and buried program space create thermal mass to reduce heat exchange and the intensive green roof provides additional insulation, reduces storm water runoff and creates additional green spaces.

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Single, monochromatic exterior of the spa and pool pavilion gives it a modern appeal
Spacious swimming pool and spa zone inside the Pool Pavilion
Cool white lighting takes over inside the pavilion after sunset
Design plan of the Pool Pavilion in Adirondack Mountains

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