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A Trendy Tinge of Freshness: Gorgeous Green Nursery Ideas

The modern nursery is much more than just a crib and chair in the corner. It has evolved exponentially in the last few decades with modern nurseries having the same visual appeal as stylish kids’ rooms and adult bedrooms. Everyone has a different favorite style for the nursery and while specified themes look great, it is generally those with neutral backdrops and a tinge of color that feel more practical. Today, we delve into a world of green and its refreshing allure and how it can be used in modern nurseries even while trying out different styles and themes.

Contemporary nursery in green and pink [From: Che Bella Interiors]

Green as a color might not be as versatile as blue in its many shades, but it offers an entirely different visual and feels far more serene. Being a color of nature, it is easy to work with and you can use its varying shades in different degrees to create a nursery that is gender neutral or one that is specifically created for the baby boy or baby girl. Here is a look at the very best –

Accent Green Wall Ideas

An easy way to add color to any room is the accent wall and the same goes for the modern nursery in neutral hues when it comes to giving it a gorgeous green tinge. It is best to pick a wall that your little one spends most time staring it for the accent wall. Paint is not the only option and those who want a jungle-themed nursery or one with more pattern can add a wall mural or painting in green. It is bound to attract the kid more and with smaller pops of other colors incorporated, the room would feel less boring over a longer period of time.

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Farmhouse style nursery with green accent wall [From: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab]
Minimal modern nursery with wallpaper in green [From: Projectorstudio]
Painted tree wall mural accentuates stripes on the wall in the nursery [From: Anita Roll Murals]
Smart traditional nursery in pastel green [From: Léandre Chéron]
Eclectic nursery with wallpaper that carries cactus motif [From: Home Design & Decor Magazine]

Different Shades of Green

Green in its many shades can be used in various ways in the nursery depending on the theme and style of the space. Lighter green shades and pastel green colors can be used to create a lovely backdrop in the room while darker green layers help highlight the different features of the room. If you are not very fond of the monochromatic, tone-on-tone approach to decorating, then you can add bits of green to the room while keeping the backdrop constant. Once you are bored with the green accents and shades, you can switch to other colors with ease.

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Lime green and brown stripes give the spacious mid-century nursery a vivacious appeal
Midcentury modern nursery in pastel green with smart lighting [From: STUDIOrobert jamieson]
Space-savvy contemporary nursery with accent green wall
White and green walls for the nursery give it a unique look [From: Putragraphy]
Dashing eclectic nursery in green and white with black and white photographs [From: Sarah Greenman / Houzz]

Wallpaper and Smart Murals

Beyond paint and wall murals, wallpaper is another trendy option that gives you an uber-easy way to add color to the setting without going over the top. From minimal Scandinavian style to beach and tropical styles, wallpaper in green blends in with different styles with ease depending on the pattern you have picked and the other décor in the nursery.

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Green jungle-themed nursery with plenty of blue [From: Artia Design and Build]
White accentuates different features in the green nursery [From: Mark Langos Interior Design]
White nursery with green wallpapered and accent wall and wooden ceiling [From: Tamara Heather Interior Design]
Ferns & Eucalyptus vinyl wall decal for the white nursery [From: Urban Walls]

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