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Glazed Timber Extension Rejuvenates Dreary London Home

Sometimes a simple extension or addition is all it takes to turn a dark and boring old home into a stylish, modern hub fit for an urbane family. Once a grand Victorian villa and then a more modest, traditional British house, Clapton Home was in need of an urgent upgrade, as its homeowners wanted to transform its ambiance and appeal completely. Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood of London, there was plenty of space on offer for Scenario Architecture to give the classic home a smart makeover that connects the interior with the gorgeous green garden outside.

Revamped and extended Clapton Home by Scenario Architecture

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It is a rear extension that gets the job done, as the glazed timber addition now holds the new dining area, kitchen and family room of the revitalized house. Crafted to ensure that those inside enjoy an open and airy living atmosphere that is accentuated by the visual connectivity with the green outdoors, the nifty extension blends in with the existing structure almost seamlessly. A clean, white color palette sits next to the already present exposed brick walls comfortably, even as large skylights bring in a flood of natural light.

Steel glass and timber extension of the classic Londo home

Folding doors connect the interior with the garden outside

Glazed timber clad extension of the classic London home

Green roof of the new extension of the London home helps regulate the temperature inside

Bench seating offers a stylish social zone inside the new extension

Modern extension of the Clapton home with kitchen, dining area and sitting space

White modern kitchen with a green backsplash

The small kitchen in the corner in white also showcases clever, space-savvy design that maximizes storage options, while the colorful backsplash adds a hint of green to the setting. With neat, built-in seating and folding glass doors, the extension definitely ups the style quotient of the London residence, even as the rest of the home is given a quick upgrade to meet modern design standards.

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Existing brick walls of the home are worked into the overall design of the house

High ceiling of the modern extension gives it a spacious appeal

Large dining area of the London home with skylights

Small and innovative kitchen design that makes most of the corners

Glazed wooden extension of Victorian home in London

Inventive home extension connects the old home with the garden

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