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Geometric House Blends Into The Rocky Mountain Hillside

With the Holiday Season here, many of us have plans beyond just a lovely feast, shopping, and spending time at home with our loved ones. This is the time when holidaying in the mountains is truly magical! Snow-covered peaks, hot chocolate (or a drink of your choice) in hand, and the roaring fireplace next to you make for a setting that provides one with memories of a lifetime. Despite its unmistakable contemporary exterior and geometric façade, the Owl Creek Residence is at its heart a home in the mountains that combines comfort, mesmerizing views, and a vantage point unlike any other!

Awesome contemporary design of the mountain home explores new geometric patterns
Awesome contemporary design of the mountain home explores new geometric patterns

Designed by Skylab, this gorgeous modern house was designed for two families and with ample space in the common areas; a holiday here is something you will be hard-pressed to forget. The home offers a spectacular view of Snowmass Mountain and the Rocky Mountains landscape even as changing seasons bring different colors, sights, and sounds. It is nature that takes center-stage here with the outdoors being brought inside with extensive use of glass. This also ushers in ample natural light; something that the owners were pretty keen on.

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Design of the house maximizes the views on offer
Fireplace adds a beautiful focal point to the living area
Minimal contemporary kitchen of the mountain home
Mudroom design idea for a rugged mountain home
Panoramic view of the stunning hillside home and the landscape around it
Polished glass and metal surfaces along with wooden warmth inside the house
Snow-covered landscape along with Snowmass in the distance

We love how this residence moves away from the stereotypical idea of a house in the hills and yet it is still draped on the inside with plenty of wood. Double-height living areas connected with the deck outside, a triangular pool, steel and glass framework inside the house and multiple levels that create numerous social zones make this mountain residence one of a kind indeed. [Photography: Robert Reck, Jeremy Bittermann, Stephen Miller]

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Spectacular mountain views from the sweeping modern deck
Stadium-style seating for the home theater
View of the Rocky Mountains from the contemporary deck of the Owl residence
Wood and stone exterior of the modern mountain home
Clean lines and fun geometric shapes create a light-filled modern mountain home
Dashing modern design of the mountain home stands out visually
Hillside home blends into the landscape from the front

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