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Dark Indulgence: Sophisticated Footballer’s Apartment in Lviv

Where do the best football players in the world live? That is a question sports fans tend to rarely ponder, as they barely have enough time to discuss the action on the field. But if you were wondering what would be the lifestyle of a young footballer and the kind of apartment he lives in, then today is definitely your lucky day! Sure, this striking contemporary apartment in Lviv, Ukraine is not the home of one of those top stars like Messi or Ronaldo, but it still dazzles you with its refined style, smart design and wonderful utilization of available space.

Contemporary Footballer’s apartment in Lviv

Designed by ARS-IDEA for a budding soccer star, the apartment has an open plan living area that combines shades of dark gray, black and exposed concrete. The existing twin bedrooms inside the old apartment were done away with in favor of a spacious living space that contains the kitchen and dining area. Spread across 1,300 square feet, the home features football inspiration at every corner, with framed, life-size posters of past stars making their presence felt. A home theater projector along with a speaker system make up the entertainment hub in the living space, while tripod floor lamps and minimal pendant lights create a soothing ambiance.

Raw concrete adds textural contrast and edginess to the contemporary interior

A projector, screen and smart lighting create a cozy entertainment zone

Dining area with chairs that sport jersey numbers of the owner and his friends

Decor inisde the trendy apartment is simple and stylish

Stylish football player's apartment in Lviv

Projector, screen and speakers make up the smart entertainment unit

Circular bed and tripod lighting for the contemporary bedroom

Ingenious bedroom design moves away from conventions

Football jersey numbers on the dining table chairs create another nice, custom touch that draws your attention, while the bedroom takes the style quotient to an entirely new level with its circular bed, gallery wall and connected contemporary bath space. One can simply sink into the bathtub and enjoy the next big weekend match or even keep an eye on the score from the shower! Life as a young footballer definitely isn’t half bad!

Stunning apartment bedroom with a bathtub on the other side

Framed photographs add to the sophisticated atmosphere inside the apartment

Mirrored wardrobe doors add visual space to the bedroom

Shower area and bathtub connected to the bedroom

Bathroom allows you to enjoy your favorite tele shows as you take a dip

View of the bathroom from the apartment bedroom

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