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Eye-Catching and Chic Kitchen Color Palettes for the Modern Kitchen

Think of home renovation and makeovers, and the first room that probably comes to mind is the kitchen. Kitchen overhauls seem to be the most popular among homeowners looking to add that something new to their home with each changing season or year. And as we roll into the second month of 2022, we are constantly trying to bring to you, our avid Decoist followers, the many new design, décor and color trends that are perfect for your planned kitchen makeover. Today, we take a look at some of the most captivating and trendy kitchen color combinations for the months ahead.

Kitchen with light green cabinets, white walls and sleek wooden floating shelves [From: enzy design]

Popular kitchen palettes are often completely different from chic kitchen colors. Yes, some of them do incorporate the hot hues of the season. But you also have color duos that only work well when combined with one another. In the modern kitchen, creating a space that also blends in seamlessly with the living space and dining area next to it is equally important. From the trendy to those that have ended up in cool kitchens for nearly a decade now, here are the best color palettes for kitchens in 2022 –

Smart Black and Brick Kitchens

This is a combination that has definitely surprised most of us by literally jumping out of the dark in the last few months. Brick walls and backsplashes are pretty popular in modern kitchens with a touch of industrial charm. Combining them with black gives the kitchen a sophisticated, edgy vibe. Moving away from the traditional white, wood and ‘a bit of brick’ combination in the kitchen, homeowners are now embracing a darker, bolder and deeper look that works best with proper, even illumination. Combine this with splashes of dark green that border on black and you have a winning kitchen that fits in perfectly with the 2022 vibe!

Timeless kitchen with brick walls and black wood cabinets along with wooden countertops [From: Everingham Design]
Brick walls give the kitchen a unique and chic backdrop [From: Les Ateliers Du 4]
Gorgeous brick and black kitchen with sleek floating shelves and eye-catching LED strip lighting [From: Houzz]
Light-filled and open plan living with kitchen in brick and black [From: Dura Supreme Cabinetry]
Modern brick and black kitchen with a space-savvy design [From: walkTHIShouse]

A Green and White Revolution

Unless you have been living completely off-grid for the past three months, you already have known all the craze for green when it comes to home design and decor. As the color of the year for multiple brands, various shades of light green are making a big impact in every room of the house, and the kitchen is a great starting point to embrace this hue. Cabinets in light, pastel green combined with a gorgeous, cheerful white backdrop are all the rage at the moment. The color combination feels breezy, adaptable, and is one that is both bright and understated at the same time.

Deep green kitchen cabinets are a trendy choice in this small contemporary kitchen [From: Wise Design & Remodel]
Lighter tones of green in the kitchen can be used more extensively [From: Brayer Design]
Polished contemporary kitchen in white with a captivating island in deep green along with green cabinets [From: Lugbill Designs]
Classic Mediterranean style is coupled with modern overtones in this white and green kitchen [From: Nc Construction And Remodeling]

Era-Defining Grey with White

Finally, you have a kitchen duo that has been around for a few years now and shows absolutely no sign of losing steam anytime soon! Grey was initially a color that replaced white in many homes across the globe as we stepped into 2010. Soon, homeowners and designers found that combining grey and white offers an even better look in the modern kitchen and this trend has not slowed down since. From the refined to the rugged, the many shades of grey coupled with a white backdrop in the kitchen make for versatile spaces that adapt to different styles.

Exquisite kitchen in white and grey with splashes of yellow thrown around [From: Fergus Garber Architects]
Sophisticated modern kitchen in white and wood [From: Peach and Pine Home]
Countertops and appliances bring grey to this all-white kitchen [From: Morey Remodeling]

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