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White and Mahogany Palette Revitalizes 1962 Eichler Home in San Francisco

The revolution of Eichler homes in the 50s and 60s not only influenced the world of home architecture and design substantially, it had a huge role in shaping and defining Midcentury modern style as we know it today. But as years have rolled on, many of these homes have lost their distinct style and uniqueness because of substantial and poorly planned renovations and additions that completely altered the original structure. This San Francisco Eichler Remodel carried out by Klopf Architecture is another wonderful example of homeowners and architects coming together to restore these masterpieces to their original beauty, even while infusing contemporary charm.

Kayu Batu wood siding is used to revitalize and give the classic Eichler Residence a new look

Built in 1962, the house was too crowded visually, unengaging and uninspiring for its new owners, who turned to Klopf Architecture for help. The idea behind the complete makeover was to give the home a new, contemporary and cheerful ambiance while retaining as much ‘Eichler flavor’ as possible. It is vertical Kayu Batu siding and white, plastered balconies that refresh the façade of the house and give it a smart yet distinct new look. On the inside, a white backdrop coupled with lovely mahogany surfaces ensures that the interior is both minimal and inviting.

Plastered finish for the balconies gives teh facade a fresh, contemporary look

Street facade of teh house combines inviting warmth with ample privacy

Small private yard of the remodeled Eichler Home in San Francisco

Perfect way of using the corner space in living room for TV

Cabinetry in mahogany extends through the kitchen, dining room and living area on the lower level and seems to connect the interior visually, even as a private central courtyard provides a much needed escape and party zone. Custom crafted credenzas, bespoke décor and smart utilization of space transform the old residence completely, while a reworked floor plan does away with unnecessary partitions. Elegant, clutter-free and cozy, the remodeled home brings together the best of Eichler design and modern functionality. [Photography: Mariko Reed]

Gorgeous mahogany paneling adds wooden warmth to the interior of the remodeled San Francisco home

Kitchen with top cabinets in white, polished finish and mahogany finish for the lower cabinets

White and mahogany palette of the remodeled Eichler home in California

Wooden panels inside teh home connect it visually with the exterior creating an indoor-outdoor appeal

Straicase design is modern and unassuming

Taking a cue from original architect Claude Oakland’s drawings, Klopf eliminated the wood shingles on the balconies and restored them to a smooth plaster and replaced the added wall shingles on the rest of the house with new vertical Kayu Batu siding. The Kayu Batu harks back to the original “thinline” Eichler siding and restores the “inside-outside” intent.

Bedroom in white is simple and minimal

Bedroom of the remodeled Eichler home offers great views

Nifty way to utilize the awkward niche for storage

Bathroom in white with floating vanity and skylight

Mahogany panels add elegance to the contemporary bathroom without disturbing the color scheme

Remodeled Eichler home on the left compared to its neighbor

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