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This Apartment Inside Iconic Edwards & Co. Building Acquires a Modern Sheen

Revamping and giving an old home a new lease of life is complicated at the best of times. The job becomes a touch trickier when the structure in question is an iconic building that draws attention both because of its rich heritage and unique presence. Nestled on the 6th and 7th levels of the popular Edwards & Co. Building in Surry Hills, this serene, minimal and exquisite apartment envisioned by Josephine Hurley Architecture finds that perfect balance between past and present. It showcases a balancing act of sorts – a balancing act filled with finesse and inimitable style!

Surry Hills Apartment by Josephine Hurley Architecture

Since the old brickwork of the heritage structure could not be altered, it was left exposed after adding a layer of protection. These exposed brick walls along with the classic curved windows of the apartment remind the homeowners of its past, even as the re-laid flooring, an aura of minimalism in the living room, the standalone kitchen and the unique dining space usher in an air of modernity. It is a confluence of two different worlds, and the merger is seamless, visually stunning and distinctly contemporary at its core.

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Contemporary bookshelf and gray accent wall for the living room

Bicycles used as decorative pieces in the foyer

Classic windows and exposed brick walls coupled with modern aesthetics at Surry Hills

Exposed brick walls of the renovated Aussie apartment

Wooden accent wall for the living room

Minimal modern dining room in white with sliding barn style door

Breakfast zone next to the kitchen with unique lighting

The exposed copper piped lighting fixture in the dining area and the top-level guest suite that flows into the deck outside provide an opportunity for the architect to showcase unrestrained imagination. A relaxing bathroom and sauna that also overlook the private deck and a modern industrial bedroom on the lower level complete a transformation that is both inspiring and exceptional. [Photography: Tom Ferguson]

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Copper pipes and Edison bulbs create a mesmerizing and minimal lighting fixture

Contemporary kitchen in gray and white

Bedroom headboard wall turned into a large nighstand and storage unit

Modern bedroom in white with exposed brick wall

Loft bed in the small bedroom is a space-saver

Elegant bedroom connected with the wooden deck of the apartment

Modern minimal deck of the revamped Aussie apartment

Fabulous bathroom in gray open to the private deck outside

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Standalone bathtub in white for the minimal bathroom

Revamped contemporary apartment in Surry Hills

Floor plan of the lower level of the Surry Hills Apartment

Guest level floor plan of renovated Aussie apartment

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