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Eco-Friendly AQuest Headquarters in Italy Saves Energy in Scintillating Style

Going green is not just a trend; it is a way of life and a commitment towards making the planet that little bit better for everyone around us as well! AQuest – the award-winning digital creative agency, has decided to take a giant step down this path with their new headquarters in the town of San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, Italy with a design that is both aesthetic and planet-friendly. Eco-sensitive both in its build and in its function, the headquarters easily accommodates the 70 employees of the company at the moment and there seems to be plenty of space for future growth as well. Stoic on the outside and clad in white, a tour inside this masterpiece will leave you feeling much better indeed.

Eco-friendly new headquarters of AQuest in San Giovanni Lupatoto

The major green feature of this spacious office comes with a new controlled mechanical ventilation system that was carefully designed to specifically meet the demands of this unique workplace. Energy consumption for cooling and heating of the interior is cut down dramatically by smart temperature management and a biometric control system that operates all the doors without the need of any physical keys. Air circulation without heat dispersion was achieved using this ingenious method even as well-insulated glass windows bring in a flood of natural light. This further cuts down on the power bill by drastically reducing dependency on artificial lighting sources.

Low environmental impact office design with focus on green technologies
Multi-level interior of the new AQuest headquarters with an energy-saving design
Reclaimed wood addition bring another layer of eco-sensitivity to this modern office
Vintage and reclaimed materials are combined with masterpieces inside the office
Neutral black and white interior with a pop of orange
Look inside the green office space of AQuest in Italy

Host of green additions do not end here as recycled wooden furniture coupled with modern icons from Kartell and Lago add an exceptional personality to the contemporary headquarters. A black and white backdrop, pops of blue and orange and indoor plants complete AQuest’s novel home!

Pops of color and imaginative decor brighten the office
Unique fictures inside the AQuest headquarters
Whimsical additions stand next to stoic surfaces inside the smart office
Informal sitting space on the upper level
Office kitchen and dining area for the 70 employees working at AQuest

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