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10 DIY Tiny Planters that Bring Green Goodness to Your Office

So the festive season is behind you and all the holiday fun seems like a distant memory. Life is back to normal once again with Monday morning blues once again here to greet us! Getting back into the thick of things at the workplace can take a bit of time and even the ardent workaholic is bound to feel the pinch the first few days. It helps to have an office that is fun, colorful and provides a vibrant work environment that drives away some of those blues. But for the less fortunate stuck in the cubicle, the search is on for ways to improve their boring workspace. And tiny DIY planters and pots offer the perfect solution!

Gold foil letters on the planter should give you all the inspiration you need

In the concrete jungle with boring monotones and artificial finishes, a touch of natural greenery can make a big difference. And the DIY planters and pots that we have lined up for your today showcase how even the tiniest bit of green fills an interior with freshness and inviting charm. No longer is your cubicle, home workspace or corner office a lifeless, cold and impersonal place. You have a new living, breathing companion that demands very little in terms of care and always brings a smile on to your face. Embrace some green in 2018 –

An Infusion of Color

Small DIY planters take absolutely no time to craft and you will need just a few succulents or small herbs to fill the air with freshness. There are plenty of ideas around, but the funky and smart DIY planters crafted using empty La Croix Cans steal the show instantly. Dip dyed cups turned into planters also look chic and they add loads of color to a workspace in white, gray or beige. You can pick a variety of colors and try out different pastel shades while creating these vivacious planters. As the hottest colors change with changing seasons, you can switch effortlessly between these lovely planters.

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Empty La Croix Cans turned into funky planters
Dip dyed cups turned into fabulous planters

The DIY Mini Spring Succulent planters work in every season and much like the dashing planters in pastel hues above, they can be created in a variety of colors with ease. They also make great gifts and do not take up too much of your desk space and the gold ring also brings a dash of metallic glitter to the office.

DIY Mini Spring Succulent Planters

Creative, Upcycled and Green Planters

Pretty much anything and everything can be turned into a tiny planter, if you really put your mind to it. We love the idea of a wooden log being transformed into a planter as it adds natural warmth in more ways than one. With wooden décor and accessories once again finding space in contemporary homes, these uber-cool planters fit in snugly everywhere. Shell-Potted Succulents appear even more special and they are bound to steal the spotlight even while ushering in coastal charm.

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Natural wood log planters DIY
Shell-Potted Succulents for a unique and mini garden on the table

The bibliophiles among our readers will surely jump up at the sight of the unique book planters filled with succulents. For the office space, they feel even more appropriate and seem completely at ease in a formal setting. You need not spend too much time creating one and is certainly a great conversation starter.

Book Planters for Succulents DIY

Understated DIY Planters

A small planter on your office desk is understated in itself. But a minimal planter that is even smaller or blends into the backdrop feels even more minimal in style. The hanging brass planters combine metallic glint with modern refinement and a bit of mid-century style to pack quite a punch even while quietly remaining in the backdrop. The mini lava rock planter is something you can buy off the shelf or draw inspiration from and create your own replica. With the Mini Pinch Pot Planters you get a bit more rustic allure and maybe even some geo style; if you get the pattern right.

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Mid Century DIY hanging brass planter
Mini lava rock planter idea
Cute DIY Mini Pinch Pot Planters

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