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Decoist Interview Series: Meet Sarah Symonds, Creator of “Grace in My Space”

Introducing the Decoist Interview Series! 

Here at Decoist, we’re kickstarting a new series where we ask interior designers, design bloggers, and design influencers about their story, experiences, design philosophies and more. 

As much as we know you all love hearing from us about the latest trends and design ideas for your home, we wanted to start featuring people that we also look to for inspiration. We’re excited to get going and hope you are too!

Starting off the series is Sarah Symonds, creator of Grace in My Space. Sarah’s got a knack for home design and the reasons why she got into it might surprise you! You can find Sarah as @graceinmyspace on Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook,

sharing content on home and garden design, recipes, fantastic DIYs, and more. We had a great time getting to know Sarah and are confident you will too!

What started your passion for design and what inspired you to get involved in this industry?

Ironically, my passion for design began from necessity. In 2013 our home caught fire. We had to rebuild for 6 months, and in the process of doing so my love for design was born. Things that I never slowed down enough to consider before, were then top of mind as decisions that were forced upon me. Ever since rebuilding, I’ve treasured creating a haven.

What’s a golden rule you have when it comes to decorating and redesigning a space in your home?

Make it serve you and your family. Design for yourself. Trends come and go, but creating a space that is functional and enjoyable for the ones living in it should always be a first priority.

What’s an often overlooked part of homes that need more attention when it comes to style & design?

Utilitarian areas, like mudrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms and storage spaces are often overlooked because they aren’t front and center like living rooms or kitchens. However, those are often spaces that we spend tons of time in. Instead of neglecting those spaces, I love to focus on them so they are functional and beautiful.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people make when redesigning their home?

Adding random decor without a bigger picture in mind. So often people see one thing they like, but don’t consider how it will fit with the rest of their home. I always like to recommend that people create an action plan of sorts for their whole home before designing individual rooms. It helps keep things cohesive and provides structure and good flow through an entire home.

What are some of your favorite new trends you have noticed coming up recently?

I’m loving the lean back towards traditional and organic design. The romanization of rustic design is also high on my list.

Found at Grace in My Space

How do you know when you’ve done a “good job” with a space?

When I can be in the space and not pick apart things I’d like to change, then I know it’s done.

From your perspective, is home design more of an art or science?

It is an amazing mix of both. Home design should follow some structured rules that just make sense. But if you have only rules with no personality then it will fall flat. I say, every now and then it is good to break the rules.


Are you a designer or an influencer in the design space and want to get on the series? Let’s talk. Reach out to us at contact@decoist.com.


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