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Green Landscape Inspires Custom Carpentry that Transforms this Family Home

Every home draws inspiration from something different. In some residences it is the pre-existing architectural design that sets the tone, in some it is the style and cultural backdrop of the city and on other occasions it is the wonderful view outside that defines the home. Yet, the Countryside Conservation House takes a slightly different path with David Elgrabli drawing inspiration from the lush green landscape around the existing home. It is natural walnut, woodsy charm and the green of Eucalyptus trees around the house that gave birth to its brand new interior that sees the original five rooms inside it being cut down to 4 brighter, more spacious and stylish rooms. But that is not where the transformation ends!

Lovely open plan living area of the home inspired by the landscape around it

The color palette inside the renovated home borrows from the lightly forested area around it as wood and green play a major role in every room. Custom carpentry in Walnut, Eucalyptus, and Chiricotta can be found no matter where you look as the shelve and cabinets form a continues structure that morphs into different décor pieces. A bespoke wooden dining table, beautiful shelves in the living area, wooden cabinets in kitchen and more storage units in the bedrooms ensure that there is no shortage of woodsy warmth in this house.

Bright blue couch in the living room brings color to the setting
Bespoke wood dining table next to the kitchen feels like an extension of the carpentry
Beautiful carpentry inside the house hides all the many books and documents inside the house
Natural black worksurface in the kitchen and beyond adds dark charm to the interior
Wooden shelves next to the television add to the unique appeal of the living room
Modern wood and granite kitchen inside the renovated house

Apart from all the wood, it is black granite worktops in the kitchen and green marble in the bathrooms that usher in even more textural contrast. With ample natural ventilation, modern décor that also adds color to the neutral backdrop and smart lighting fixtures, this is a makeover that feels refreshing and inimitable!

Long countertop in granite on the left and wooden cabinets on the right inside the narrow kitchen
Custom wooden workdesk along with sleek wooden shelves with space-savvy design
Custom carpentry using Walnut, Eucalyptus, and Chiricotta shapes much of the new interior
Natural black granite worktops in the kitchen coupled with wooden cabinets create a fabulous atmosphere
Picasso Green marble countertops in the bathroom steal the spotlight
American walnut and green marble vanity in the modern bathroom
American walnut and green marble vanity in the modern bathroom

Sherry Nothingam

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