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Cost-Effective Multi-Generational Home in South Korea with Modest Charm!

Looking for ideas which allow you to create a multi-generational home on a budget? It is a hard task indeed and takes both balance and the right aesthetics to accomplish. Nestled in a hilly neighborhood of Paju, South Korea, the Brave House gives you some smart ideas on how one can shape a multi-generational home that is also cost-effective. Designed by June Architect, it is minimalism and functionality that hold sway here with the exterior being clad in white. The residence was crafted for a couple with two sons, daughters-in-law and also a few other elders in the family. With social zones that promote interactivity and bedrooms that offer privacy, the house finds perfect balance between both worlds.

Elegant and white exterior of the Paju Brave House

The 155-square-meter home spread across two levels contains the living area, corner kitchen and other public areas on the lower level while bedrooms sit on the first floor. Despite rooms having similar design, each bedroom still has some amount of individuality that makes it unique. A skylight rings natural light into the residence while a simple stairway connects the private upper level with the spacious ground floor. A corner kitchen with space-savvy shelving and brilliant lighting complete the efficient residence. [Photography: Yunsuk Shim]

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White exterior of the house blends into the backdrop
Simple and minimal design of the South Korean home with cost-effective form
Multiple open and social areas promote interactivity between family members
Skylight brings ample natural light into the house
Wooden kitchen and interior of the budget South Korean home
Kitchen in the corner that maximizes space with ease

Creating beauty at a low cost can be achieved by making good use of appropriate senses of proportion, space, and light. The architects worked hard to find the right proportions in terms of overall mass, windows, and the heights and widths of each space. Various spatial sensations inside the house were created, despite its simple form.

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Smart stairway that also saves on space
Upper level bedroom with a unique spatial arrangement
Using the skylight to fill the house with ample natural light
View of the kitchen below from the upper level bedrooms
Cost-effective multi-generational house in South Korea
Snow-clad landscape around the contemporary home

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