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Fabulous Walk-In Closets to Make Your Mornings a Lot More Organized!

How often have you been left scrambling around frantically as you try and get things in order each morning while attempting to head to your office without delays? It is something every one of us encounters, and often this mad race with the clock leaves you drained mentally even before the day is halfway through. But what if your home can help you in overcoming this perennial problem? A walk-in closet can save an enormous amount of time, as you no longer need to sort through a messy, congested wardrobe that eats away precious minutes!

Bronze painted aluminum frame gives Pass its distinct look

Today we take a look at two such functional and stylish walk-in closets that adapt to your various needs and ensure that the style quotient of your bedroom is up by several notches! Contemporary, modular and elegant, they combine smart organization with sleek form, saving both space and time.

Bronze-Tinted Beauty

Simple in its form and efficient to the core, Pass from Jesse is ideal for those who want a space-savvy walk-in closet that is easy on the eyes. With a bronze-painted aluminum frame, the design of Pass allows it to be used as a self-supporting structure that can be incorporated into your existing master bedroom. With a multitude of wooden shelves, custom cabinets and coat racks, you can combine more than one unit to create a more extensive walk-in closet that caters to your specific needs. With a dark finish and unique appeal, Pass fits in with a wide array of styles ranging from contemporary to industrial.

Closet structure of Pass allows it to be used as a freestanding unit in multiple settings

Spacious open units, hanger systems and closed compartments shape Pass

Expand the walk-in closet with your growing wardrobe

Closer look at the wooden cabinets and metallic charm of Pass walk-in closet

Organized walk-in closet with modular comfort

Smart shirt rack of the gorgeous walk-in closet from Jesse

Aluminum frame of Pass with Bronze tint

Refined Tecnopolis

Maybe you would prefer something far more sleek and sophisticated? Tecnopolis crafted by Presotto Italia fits this billing perfectly as it provides amazing modular freedom wrapped in cutting-edge, contemporary style. Another closet that offers an endless opportunity to customize, it allows you to create a composition that perfectly fits into your bedroom. [Photos: Anima Domus]

Beautiful and functional walk-in closet by Presotto Italia

Spacious central area and a series of exqusite open and closed units craft a brilliant walk-in wardrobe

Create a seamless interface between the closte and the bedroom

Tecnopolis walk-in closet from Anima Domus

Touch of wood adds warmth to the exapnsive walk-in closet

Smart and customizable walk-in closet makes your life a lot easier each morning

Which of the two do you love the most?

Sherry Nothingam
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