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Amazing Chinese Restaurant Brings Fairy-Tale-Like Underwater Aesthetics to Land!

You might have come across hotels and retreats where the rooms stand above water or even gently float on waves. Then there are restaurants which take you underwater with fish floating around and above you. But it is not very often that you see a hotel on land that gives you the underwater experience. This is exactly what you get at the BLUFISH Restaurant in Beijing, China where life comes alive with color, cheerful ambiance and a dash of golden glint. Designed by SODA architects, the restaurant uses a pristine white backdrop coupled with a colorful mesh of metallic silhouettes that bring blue, pink and a touch of coral to the space. It is magical and majestic escape.

An underwater experience at the restaurant is truly magical

The restaurant has a natural curved interior which creates an extended and inviting interior with one dining area flowing into the next. The delicate mesh of cutouts above bring much more than just color and contrast to the restaurant. They give it a unique identity and coupled with flooring that also embraces underwater silhouettes and motifs, you have a backdrop that transports you into a seemingly underwater-like environment without ever moving away from ground. Set in the cellar of a mall, the restaurant offers a wonderful escape for those who see out a dining experience beyond the mundane. [Photography: Xiyu Chen]

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Gorgeous BLUFISH Restaurant in APM Shopping Mall in Wangfujing
Lighting the metallic mesh and a world of colors creates a dreamy setting
Look inside awesome restaurant in China
Marble top dining tables with metallic legs and pastel pink chairs next to them
Blue and pink colored metal mesh with custom silhouettes at the restaurant

And use laser to cut the metal mesh to make these patterns, then attached them to the white curved surface model. In order to create a unique underwater image: gorgeous, translucent, vague, unstable visual effects. It is expected that people will feel cozy and relaxed indoors, as if there is fresh air of the Mediterranean Sea in Southern France blowing.

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Amazing metallic mesh with underwater motifs, curved design and brilliant lighting at the BLUFISH
Stunning and white interior of BLUFISH Restaurant in Beijing, China
Touch of gold brings brightness to the ocean themed restaurant
Floor plan of BLUFISH by SODA Architects

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