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Refresh Your Living Room: Trio of Comfy Modern Sofas from Porada

The modern living room is often a blend of personal style, the latest trends and a few inimitable and unique décor pieces that you simply cannot let go. But at the heart of it all is the comfy couch that sets the style for your living space and also defines its ambiance. With open floor plans becoming the norm, that cozy sofa has become even more vital, as it now helps demarcate the living space in a larger, more open setting. With that in mind, today we take a look at three contemporary sofas from Porada that bring understated elegance and the exquisite charm of Italian design. Enjoy!

Fellow sofa along with cool armchair and ottoman

Simplicity and Comfort

We start off with the unassumingly brilliant Fellow sofa designed by Maurizio Marconato and Terry Zappa. This seemingly modest sofa brings with it loads of comfort and is perfect for contemporary and modern living rooms where simple, straight lines dominate the visual. Its sleek canaletta walnut frame conforms to the idea of modern minimalism, even as it brings along with it the inimitable warmth of wood. A perfect fit for an urbane living room makeover!

Simple and understated design of the Fellow couch

Slim floor lamp next to the sofa complements it perfecty

Fellow sofa can be customized in a frabric finish of your choice

Contemporary couch in gray with bright accent pillows

Sleek frame and design of the Fellow Sofa makes it perfect for the modern living room

Closer look at the modern minimal couch from Porada

Turn the space behind the sofa into a smart workstation with a smart work table

Reinventing a Classic

Reinterpreting an iconic couch like the Chester sofa is a hard task indeed, but the fabulous Philippe does it with a dash of refined, contemporary flair! This might not exactly be a classic, but the rounded form of its frame does give it a softer and more transitional look. Draped in non-deformable, variable-density polyurethane foam and finished with custom technical fabric, this is definitely not your usual couch.

Contemporary Philippe Sofa reinterprets the classic Chester sofa

Contemporary sofa in variable-density polyurethane foam

Luxurious and custom design of the Philippe Sofa

Upholstered All the Way!

If you want a chic and comfy sofa that also features an upholstered base, then you will not come across many that are better than Arena. You can combine different fabrics and patterns and choose custom finishes to bring home this exquisite sofa that promises to fit in with a wide array of decorating styles.

Gorgeous Arena Sofa with upholstered base

Closer look at the sleek frame of the Arena Sofa from Porada

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