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Electric, Metallic and Serving Tasty Delights: Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant

Every pizzeria has its own unique style and one without personality quickly gets lost in the pack. Nestled in a bustling neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant definitely has an inimitable character that will leave an indelible impression on you. The fabulous place welcomes you with bright yellow doors and windows while the exterior remains distinctly contemporary thanks to an all-black façade. Yet, the interior designed by SuperLimão Studio has a completely different appeal with weathered walls, exposed brick wall sections and a touch of graffiti-inspired design which enlivens the walls. Then there are the dazzling, illuminated signs that add red and blue to the pizzeria.

Dark street facade of Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant

Décor and kitchen inside the pizzeria were designed around the principles of ‘mobility and functionality’ with a world-class Italian oven at the heart of it all. Space-savvy shelves, refrigerators and smart kitchen counters maximize space and efficiency with sparkling pops of copper drawing your attention instantly. Splashes of green in the bathroom and Alpi green marble top play into the overall ‘colorful and vivacious’ thematic of the pizzeria with framed prints of pop icons and sporting gods on the walls putting the final touches on a truly amazing dining experience. [Photography: Maíra Acayaba]

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Weathered walls of the pizza restaurant with framed photographs and posters
Walls of the interior with exposed brick wall sections and distressed finish
Vivacious and light-filled interior of Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant
Illuminated signs on the all, dazzling lighting and textured walls create a fabulous pizza house
Light-filled and brilliant interior of the pizza house with plenty of color
Seating inside the pizza house is designed to maximize efficiency

The concrete floor is sanded with the exposed aggregate, intended to withstand the great flow of people. The walls of the old house keep the marks of other reforms that took place there. The textures of the walls received various collages and cuts of characters and personalities eating pizza, among them David Bowie, Madonna, and Batman.

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Street art-inspired interiors look both hip and casual
Unique street facade of Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant
Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant has a casual and vibrant appeal
Bráz Elettrica Pizza Restaurant has a casual and vibrant appeal
Green tiled restroom of the Pizzeria
Wooden decor inside the pizza house designed to maximize space
Brilliant pops of yellow and red bring the Pizza Restaurant alive

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