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Overlooking the Pacific: Awesome LA Home Does Away with Traditional Boundaries

Few things are as soothing as coming back home after a long, hard day, opening those drapes or stepping out onto the poolside deck and finding the sight of a vast, blue ocean greeting your with serenity! It is a dream many have, but Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects brought it alive for the owner of Blue Sail. A typical Los Angeles home resting on the hillside, the house was previously more closed off and offered little in terms of panoramic views. The smart renovation carried out recently completely altered the ambiance of the house with the view of the majestic Pacific Ocean in the distance becoming the focal point of the makeover.

Spacious wooden deck next to the infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean

It truly is a spectacular transformation with the new, open living area flowing seamlessly into the wooden deck outside. A blazing fire pit, infinity pool and relaxing loungers complete the dream outdoor setting while the interior is modern, curated and devoid of unnecessary internal partitions. The large living space, kitchen, dining and study also provide a spacious setting for social gathering while the bedroom, bath and walk-in closet form the other block without internal boundaries. Every room of the house enjoys unabated ocean views with a simple, neutral color palette creating a relaxing ambiance.

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Open living area of the Los Angeles home connected with the deck and pool outside
Deck garden and pool area are seamlessly and completely connected with the living space
Open living area, kitchen and dining room with Pacific Ocean views
Outdoor hangout with firepit, wooden deck, infinity pool and awesome Pacific Ocean views
Modern kitchen in wood and white with slim bar stools and floating glass shelves
Curated front yard with a wooden walkway

White stucco, wood and concrete give the interior a touch of textural contrast with bold, bright hues kept to an absolute minimum. A front courtyard with olive tree and smart design of the street façade provide complete privacy to those inside. [Photography: Chang Kim]

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Entrance to the fabulous LA home with spectacular views of the Pacific
Street view of the Blue Sail
View of the entrance with large olive tree from the living area
Contemporary bathroom completely open to awesome ocean views

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