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Stunning View of Swiss Mountains and Valleys: Cozy CRN House in Vollèges

Looking over a breathtaking valley as you enjoy your early morning cup of coffee or a simple stroll on the deck late evening sounds like an amazing way to spend the day. Promising just that is the beautiful CRN House in Vollèges, Switzerland with a backdrop that is simply jaw-dropping! Nestled on a lot that makes the most of the gorgeous valley views on offer and the snow-capped mountains in the distance, this Swiss home feels both contemporary and classic at the same time. It is the panoramic view outside that brings in the timeless appeal even as the house itself has a more modern, inviting vibe.

Wood and masonry shape the exterior of the home with a view of the valley

Designed by Alp’Architecture Sàrl, the exterior creates an image of contrasting elements being married in an effortless fashion as the lower level is crafted using masonry and the upper level is built using wood. This was done to meet the local building code even while giving the residence an identity of its own. Due to the harsh local weather conditions and cost constraints, the house was completed in eight months and the interior feels both cozy and liberating with smart windows framing the scenic landscape outside.

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Lovely view of the scenic Swiss landscape from the mountain home
Mezzanine level of the contemporary home in the village of Vollèges
Multi-level modern home with valley views in Switzerland
Open rear facade of the the Swiss home
Window with a view of the valley
Wood and glass shape a lovely rear facade for the Swiss home

It is the lower level that houses the living areas along with the kitchen, dining space and reading nooks while the top level contains the bedrooms. With a rear façade that completely opens up to the captivating valley views outside, this Swiss home takes you closer to nature. [Photography: Christophe Voisin]

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Small central wooden island for the kitchen in black
Ground floor office of the Swiss home
Ground floor plan of CRN House in Switzerland
Upper level floor plan of Swiss home with valley view

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